Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gel Nail Mania & Removing Gel Nail Polish

I recently went to Japan and got my nails done.

I found how Gel Nails are the big thing there right now.
Here is what mine look like:

They were done almost 3 weeks ago and
look the exact same
except my nail is growing out obviously.
These are my real nails except for 
1 which is fiberglass
(Broke the day before I went to the salon. 
I was PISSED i tell you)

So anyway , Gel nails are awesome. 
They give such a glossy, shiny look. 
And it never fades away. 
Only problem for me is that I get tired of my nail art
after like a week and I like to erase it and try something new.
But...this stays on so well for 
so long...its kinda sad to remove.

All you do to remove Gel Polish is use a 
acetone based polish remover. 
You probably do already ! 
Read the ingredients on the bottle.

1. Get a Nail File/Buffer and buff the top of your nails
until the gel nail polish no longer looks shiny.

2.Put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball 
or pad folded up. Dont use too much or it will drip 
down your fingers.

3. Cut up 10 small squares of foil & wrap the 
top of your finger so that the cotton stays in place

4. Wait about 30 mins. If its still sticking on there 
get an orange stick and scratch at the polish.
Place your cotton/foil back and wait another 20 mins.

It should come right off ! This method is much nicer
because who wants to keep their hands soaking in a bowl
of acetone?! This way you can at least move around.

Also - you can use this method for 
regular nail polish when you have done nail art
with multiple layers.
It makes life easier : )

Took a pic of one of the displays in the salon :

If you ever get the chance to go to Asia...get your 
nails done !  If not...then go to your local japanese
or korea town & see what they can do for you : )