Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hyper Japan 2012 !

I attended the Hyper Japan event in London on 
Sunday. It was so packed with loads of different
aspects of J-Culture. I think the venue is now too
 small for the huge following it has
gathered over the years. Hopefully it can be in 
a bigger place next time !
Im thinking the Olympia venue...
In the video I show most of the things 
I got to see :)
Enjoy ! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MAC NC42, NARS Syracuse= Missha #31 BB Cream?

Hmm well not quite as you can see ! Unfortunately this shade is still too light
& it is the darkest BB cream there is from a Korean brand so far.
It almost matches but it is a bit too light and pinky toned. It makes me look
washed out/ashy ! Lol : ) Ah well ! A little pump of your normal
or maybe even a darker foundation will do the trick if you still want to try
this BB Cream ! It does perfect the skin especially for when filming - it makes you
look flawless ! It also minimizes pores & is very opaque. A little goes a long way !
I wish it was a bit darker and more yellow/warm toned. I think I am on the darker side
of the NC42 spectrum so it could work for some !

Oh hello awkward arm pose. See ya next time dahhlings !

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Asos Beauty Insider Event !

I got invited to my first event ! Yayyy ! I've been going to a few these days
such as Paul & Joe, Smooch Cosmetics, Ciate and the one I blogged
about previously. But, those were all through my job.

It was at the HQ & was SO amazing. Im glad I had the opportunity recently to
go to other events because I had something to compare the Asos beauty insider
event to. OMG - it was frikkin amazing ! We got to go behind the scenes
to take a peek at the new beauty collections by many cool brands such as Benefit,
Nars, Illamasqua, Nails inc, Ciate etc ! I actually went to the Asos event
straight after the Ciate event in Oxford circus. It was a very busy night !

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stylesuzi, Britpopprincess etc ! (Blogger Event)

Omg you guys ! Yesterday I attended a blogger event called "Beauty and the Brain"
There was a panel discussion & britpopprincess, fashionrocksmysocks, stylesuzi
and wandesworld were up on stage answering questions. It was such a cool
experience & so amazing to see them in real life ! Not only that but we got to film all the
girls and interview them privately ! They were all so pretty & nice in real life.
They all spoke so well considering there were loads of people in the audience ! I would have
been soo scared ! There was a Q&A session with the audience as well and my coworker asked "What was the weirdest comment that you have received?" Their answers were quite funny !

There will be a video coming soon - ill post it later on :)

Who is your favourite UK youtuber  ?

Friday, November 16, 2012

A-Z Beauty Tag

A is for Amore Pacific
Luxurious Korean skincare stuff...would love to try !
They also own lots of other korean brands.

B is for Bourjois
In love with the Healthy Mix foundation !

C is for Collection (2000)
I adore the creme puff lip creams & concealer !

D is for Deborah Lippman
Her sparkly nail polishes are to die for !

E is for Elf
Elf is one of the cheapest cosmetic brands ever !
If you do your research and dont get the duds you will
love what they have to offer. The studio range is my fav.

F is for Face Shop
One of my fav korean brands. They have awesome
skincare and makeup products. I really love their masks.