Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am clueless about acrylic nails.
I have never had them done
and dont know how to apply them.
All I know is it has to do with..monomer
polymer, nail forms and some other junk.
Well, my curiosity got the better of me
& I decided to enroll in a nail acrylic course 101
I think its about 16 hrs worth of instruction
all together and its all about the basics of
I have never had any sort of nail lessons before.
So, I dont know what to expect. 
Youtube friends keep telling me 
there are lots of vids to show how
to apply acrylic nails...
But, I havent found one yet that
breaks it down enough for me to
fully understand it.
Obviously I dont need nail extensions
But, some of you out there might.
So I wanna figure out how the heck
to do them so I can share what I learn
with you. 

Also - most exciting for me is that
this can lead to cute 3D japanese 
style acrylic designs.