Monday, September 7, 2009

♡Simple & Cute Hime Gyaru Deco♡

Hope you like my princess nail clippers ♡ 

Many people have uploaded what they have
decorated but havent given instruction
on what kind of glue they use etc.
I hope my video can help you make kawaii
things !!

My Deco pieces are from:
So try ebay or a craft store.
It doesnt matter where you get your
stuff as long as its cute !
: ) Oh & always has pearls
hearts and rhinestones.

It took about 1 hr to set completely
as I used delayed epoxy glue.
If you havent done deco-ing before
which I hadnt, then its best to use
a delayed epoxy glue.
Once you get more confident go for the
fast drying.

This diagram shows the diff ways to 
lay out your rhinestones/pearls. But,
I just made up my layout as I went along.
It is VERY relaxing and fun to decorate things.
Take a break from homework &
Give it a try !

Friday, August 21, 2009

Make your own nail stickers !

What you need:
Plastic Bag
Nail Polish
The only nail polish I have found that do not work well 
is those clear-ish glittery ones.
There isnt any nail paint in those usually so they dont work as well.
Experiment and have fun.
Im going to experiment with making lace for nails and 
3D looking stickers as well.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cutie Bow Nailsssss

I love pink, bows & glitter.
I created a simple nail design with all 3 !
I used a sharpie marker for the bow. 
They make life easier for special designs
because they dont require drying time & are more

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love your nails ! Keep them Healthy !

Have you tried to cut your own hair by your self or

bite your fingernails?

Hair and nails are made of the same protein that is 

called keratin. 

It has a very strong structure which is why you 

need special tools to cut them properly. 

Nails are a part of your skin & they protect the

fingers from  injury.

Nails grow on top of the fingers & toes, and healthy nails

are usually pinkish. Pink nails means the body not only

has a rich blood supply, 

but also it's in good health. 

Nails should not be bitten but trimmed neatly 

about once a month. Do not let them grow too long.

Many people suffer from brittle nails that break easily.

You should eat high-quality protein foods

such as nuts and seeds.

To keep healthy nails, people should keep in mind that

proper nutrition and adequate

vitamins and minerals guarantee smooth and firm nails.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple Korean/Japanese Inspired nails


Kiss Brush on Nail Art in Beach Purple

Etude House - Silver Mini French 

Smart Paint in a fuschia glittery color.

Etude house - BL505  (Periwinkle color)

P.S - Im thinking of
doing some scans
of my j-nail mags.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Popular Summer Colors

People are becoming more and more bold with their nail polish
color choices and I love it.

Popular Colors at the moment:

- Teal 
- Bright Purple
- Yellow
- Minty Green
- Yellowish Green
- Hot Pink
- Salmon
- Orange
etc !!!

Have fun with it

Embrace it !!! 

Dont forget to always use Base Coat : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gothic Lolita Nails

" Lolita Fashion (ロリータ・ファッション ) is a fashion subculture in Japan that
is primarily influenced byVictorian children's clothing as well as costumes 
from the Rococo period. Lolita has made this into a unique fashion by adding 
gothic and original design elements to the look. "

I made nails influenced by the clothing - not by what sort of nails
they normally have cuz I have no idea what they look like. lol. 

P.S - I totally freaked myself out at the end of this video. Lol ! 
Im wearing the hat from my halloween costume - I was a gothic lolita last yr. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Piano Nail Tips + Ways to use a pen for Nail Art

I used a periwinkle by Etude House

A good purple to use could be
'Done out in Deco' by OPI
If you cant find a nice periwinkle

White - Sally Hansen

Black - Art Club - has thin brush
I love that stuff

Then I jazzed it up with purple

Ways to use a plain ole' pen for nail art !

1. Use it as a Nail Dotting Toll
2. Use it to pick up Rhinestones
3. Use it to paint various shapes on nails.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Online Nail Order

I ordered billions of things from this site
last night.
They have such cute lovely stuff for your nails !

They have all you need to make those Japanese style nails.
I really wanna try Hime Gyaru nails. 

Hime Gyaru = lots of white, pink , bows , lace , fluff 
Basically princess-like. 
A lot of people in Japan dress in this Rococo influenced style. 
Here are some of the things I got

I got lots more things but you will see later.
The last pic is stuff to decorate your ipod, camera 
or whatever you want.
Gonna buy some epoxy glue and try to decorate
an ipod case.  
I saw nail techs in Japan decorating their phones
like this when they had no customers.
Cute ! 

Heres an example of what I wanna do:

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Mac is Nail Polish Proof !

Um.. So I spilled Nail Polish on my 
beloved computer...

Once I did that with my old HP and
I put a little nail polish remover on a q tip 
and tried to rub it off and it
totally discolored the area.
Eek !!! But with this aluminum comp 

it worked like a charm. Horray ! 
I love you my darling mac.

P.S - Im in love with this new skin

I bought yesterday. Hot Pink with
a touch of Salmon. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ocean Gradiation

I love gradiation nail art. Its so pretty !
You can use many different colors & 
use glitter/rhinestones to dress it up. 
For this tutorial I wish I had star 
rhinestones or something else fun

Maybe I should just paint a fish 

on one of my nails to make it
extra ocean-ish : )

Here is my basic guide in in the 
form of a ghetto diagram :
1. Blank Area
2. Light Color
3. Mix of Light & Dark Color
4. Dark Color
5. Dark Dark Color

After I finished I swiped a silver glittery color

all over the nail to give it more of a fun look.
It also helped to blend everything together
even more.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shapes & Peeves

Everyone has a naturally different nail shape. 
It is determined by the width or length
of your nail bed.  But no matter what you can 
always buff and file your nails into a desired shape.
There are even nail polish tricks to make your nails
look a better shape. Google it.  
No matter what nail shape you choose please dont
go for those extreme 1 inch + lengths. 
They will get in the way not to mention look horrid. 
Haha ! 

“Squoval” Nails seem to be most popular right now.
As you can tell by the name the nails are squared off
but not harshly.The edges are a bit rounded off.
They look clean cut and modern and not tacky.   
Speaking of tacky...
Can people PLEASE get over these kinds
of acrylic nails?


Hello ?! 
How much more fake can they look ? 
Yes, a lot of the nail designs on various acrylic nails
is well done...but the length and shape of the actual
fake nail always looks so hideously tacky.
Its so easy to grow nails out to the perfect length.
In 2 months you could have a good length nail.
Why pay for ghetto-ness..

P.S - Im also over the classic french manicure.
Im sorry , I just am ! 

Ooooh You know who always has
nice squared off wonderfully 
polished nails ?!
Miss Chievous - Youtube Guru 

She buys Nail Polish from the following sites:

Now I shall leave you with this :
Disturbing Nail Photo Du Jour

Friday, July 3, 2009

Zebra Nail Fun

I felt like doing something summery 
and different.I have an addiction to
pink nails and wanted to break out
of that box for a moment. 
I used Yellow, Hot Pink,  Teal,
Orangey-Red & Taupe 
for the base colors.
You could try this with just
1 or 2 colors as well.

You could draw your own guide
or use this one roughly.

Draw these sort of lines in a miniature form
on your nail. Any combo of these lines
will come out looking good. 

I used a Black Nail polish with a
thin brush from Etude House on my 
left hand & after I filmed the
video I tried out a black from
Color Club on my right hand. 
It worked perfectly as well.
It had a long thin brush 
but I still felt like I could control
the lines.

Have fun !

Heres the video of me doing mine.
It was kind of difficult to show. 
Hope you can get it.
Once you start it becomes easier. 
Practice on paper first ! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My First Nail Tutorial

OPI - Fiji Weejee Fawn
Etude House - Hot Pink
Etude House - Silver Glitter 
Etude House - Rhinestones 

I painted the nails with 
Fiji Weejee Fawn, Added
random blobs of pink then 
went on the outside 
with a toothpick/pen/match 
Whatever I have handy
and did the black bits.
After that I added some
stripes with glitter polish
& Rhinestones

( Had a video of this but 
I removed it as it was 
hard to see / crap 
quality )

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to prevent/get rid of yellow nails

First - We have to examine what makes nails go yellow

Its either one or a combination of the following things:

-Using a dark colored nail polish often esp with no basecoat

-Vitamin Deficiency (try some iron or zinc tablets)
-Fungal Infection (they will look thickened and crumbly)
-Liver Problem

So, If its not a medical problem
The following instructions will tell you the best 
way to brighten your nails.

If you think you might have a medical condition
such as something wrong with your liver, please go to
the doctor.Your nails are a very good way to measure
your bodily health.

1) Go to the pharmacy and buy some denture tablets
specifically for making teeth whiter

Now take a bowl of warm water put

in a couple tablets and let your nails 
soak for as long as possible.
Watch tv or something while you wait.
Try and keep them in for at least 15 mins.

When you get tired of them being in there 

take them out and squeeze some lemon juice 
all over the nails. Let this soak in for at 
least 10 mins.

Wash your hands

Take your 4 sided nail buffer that I
mentioned in my earlier post on nail care

Now put on some cuticle cream
& also put on a nice hand lotion.

You should give your nails a break from 
nail polish every now and then esp if you are 
trying to brighten your nails.
If you must wear some - use a couple coats of
basecoat & light colors.

Also - It will definitely benefit you to take a Iron
vitamin in general but esp. for this problem of 
yellow nails.


If you never see improvement - you might have an
underlying medical condition. Seek help accordingly :)

[Nails grow at an average rate of 
3 millimeters a month ( 1/8 inch)
Fingernails require 3 to 6 months 
to regrow completely ]

Be patient and eventually your nails 
will whiten and/or fresh 
new nails will grow out. 
& now that you've changed your habits 
they will be a normal color 
& little by little you can cut 
off the yellow part.

Good Luck !