Friday, August 21, 2009

Make your own nail stickers !

What you need:
Plastic Bag
Nail Polish
The only nail polish I have found that do not work well 
is those clear-ish glittery ones.
There isnt any nail paint in those usually so they dont work as well.
Experiment and have fun.
Im going to experiment with making lace for nails and 
3D looking stickers as well.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cutie Bow Nailsssss

I love pink, bows & glitter.
I created a simple nail design with all 3 !
I used a sharpie marker for the bow. 
They make life easier for special designs
because they dont require drying time & are more

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love your nails ! Keep them Healthy !

Have you tried to cut your own hair by your self or

bite your fingernails?

Hair and nails are made of the same protein that is 

called keratin. 

It has a very strong structure which is why you 

need special tools to cut them properly. 

Nails are a part of your skin & they protect the

fingers from  injury.

Nails grow on top of the fingers & toes, and healthy nails

are usually pinkish. Pink nails means the body not only

has a rich blood supply, 

but also it's in good health. 

Nails should not be bitten but trimmed neatly 

about once a month. Do not let them grow too long.

Many people suffer from brittle nails that break easily.

You should eat high-quality protein foods

such as nuts and seeds.

To keep healthy nails, people should keep in mind that

proper nutrition and adequate

vitamins and minerals guarantee smooth and firm nails.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple Korean/Japanese Inspired nails


Kiss Brush on Nail Art in Beach Purple

Etude House - Silver Mini French 

Smart Paint in a fuschia glittery color.

Etude house - BL505  (Periwinkle color)

P.S - Im thinking of
doing some scans
of my j-nail mags.