Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top 3 British Lip Products (Drugstore)

These are in no particular order :

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate
I LOVE these ! I love the smell... Love the colors, texture, finish ... everything !
They arent as long lasting as a mattelipstick but I totally love them.
My fav is 08 Asia : ) 

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream

My favorite and the most popular I think is Fairy Cake. Its a gorgeous coral color
that brightens your whole face. These go on like a thick lipgloss & dry
matte like a lipstick. They come in a few different shades. Make
sure you moisturise your lips first and you will be fine !
 Sleek True Color Lipsticks

I think these are a fav of everyone ! I mainly purchase the matte ones as
they look the best in my opinion. My favorite of all the ones they have out
is "Bare All" Its a lovely matte peach. Very complimentary !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Get Claw Nails

I ran out of my seche vite ... realised it was all dried up whilst filming the tutorial
for this nail look FML ! I instantly got dents and nicks in the polish.
As soon as I finished filming I ordered a bottle on ebay lol !
 Its my crack - I neeeeed it !  It makes your nails set sooo much better than 
anything else I've tried so far. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


What do you think of this shape of nail  ? Im thinking of trying this trend on my
natural nails. It looks cool if done subtly in my opinion. I think I might just go for it !

The people that mean the most

Can you believe my grandma is 86 ? (One on left)
She looks frikkin amazing lol ! She uses Estee Lauder, Lancome
and all those high end creams ! They must actually work O_O 

Here is me and my bf with an "&" decoration we found in Primark :) 

Okay let me upload a better pic of my bf ! He looks slightly mental in that one

And lastly my crazy friend Sandray ! He is the only person
in the world that fully understands me. My craziness, & downs.
He just knows me lol !  You will see him in future vlogs. He is very fun. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Top 5 Etude House Products

These are in no particular order. My current favs *at the moment*

1. AC Clinic Toner & Mist - Technically 2 products but whatever :)
These items are for Acne prone skin and I really like how the toner makes my face feel so clean
after using it. The mist is nice for refreshing the face with added benefits
for clearing the skin.

2. Follow me Tints 

I think these are discontinued as its super hard to find them anywhere.
I dont know if they still sell them in Korea but you can still find them on ebay 
and I HIGHLY recommend you try them. They will keep color on your lips after lipstick 
has worn off & they are moisturising and wonderful . 
The aqua one turns fuschia on the lips and the orange one turns a coral color. 
Its magical ! 

3. Sheet Masks

I LOVE Asian sheet masks. Ive tried almost  all of the different ones from Etude House.
They are cheap and make your face feel refreshed and supple. I dont even need
a moisturizer after using one.  You can wear them to sleep as well 
if you dont sleep wild like me. Haha ! 

4.  Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam 

I love this cleanser ! It has a light fresh citrus scent. Its slightly sticky and thick so it clings onto 
left over  dirt or makeup and washes it out. The baking powder also serves as a light exfoliator
 to make your skin look even better. 

5. Silky Cotton Pads

I know this is random but I love them ! Loads of brands make them but the real 5th fav
I wanted to show is discontinued. I will put it at the end. Anyway, these sorts of pads make
using toner and nail polish remover so much easier ! They do not break apart. I love them !

Here is my real 5th fav but I dont know where you can find them anymore :(
They were so good because they were black and you could see all the gunk
super clearly...I think other Asian brands do similar black ones though :D

So yep ! Those are my top favs : )  I also like the cleansing wipes,
aloe line, other tints etc. Etude house do really
amazing lip tints and glosses. Check em out ! 

Hello !

Im in LOVE with London. There are always so many lovely things to see,
do and BUY. Oh god, its so easy to go broke here. Your money goes so fast.
Especially since Bermuda's money is worth the same as American dollars. The pound
just killllssss me. I have been here for 10 months now. Time has flown by. Its actually
insane ! British people are so kind... the city feels a lot calmer and more civilised
compared to some other big cities Ive been to. People don't even honk their horns if you
J-Walk  most of the time & say sorry for things that aren't their fault ! Lol !

My mom and grandma are visiting me...They are leaving tomorrow actually
It was fun while they were here. Im not sure when the next time is
Ill be going to Bermuda is. Its weird. When I was in Canada, I was always dying
to go back to Bermuda for a trip but now... London seriously just feels so 
comfortable - like home. Im seriously considering living here for a long time.