Thursday, June 30, 2011

Debbie Downers

You guys might have heard the phrase 'You are the average of the
people you hang around' The people you spend the most
time with, are the ones you are most likely to be influenced by. This
can be a positive thing or a negative thing.

In my life atm, many people I know do nothing but complain.They are depressed
all the time. Nothing ever goes their way. But, as I was telling my friend the other
day most times these things are their own fault. If you think about the times
that you failed in life in whatever way...usually the beginning, if you think back
was because you didnt go about it properly. Maybe you didnt study during the
school year, maybe you did bad stuff, maybe you just have the wrong attitude.

If you are the complainer - maybe look at the things you are complaining about
all the time, and figure out how to resolve them because clearly you arent happy !

A popular thing among my high school friends was to go to third world countries
to help build schools and to do other various tasks.I think these friends that complain
need to do these sorts of things, to get a different perspective on life.

I hope to find some uplifting young people when I move. There are so many
people in the world that just dont know how lucky they are ! Its such a luxury
to be 'bored' & complaining all the time.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snipppp Snip

Before I chemically straightened my hair (relaxed)  it took me ages to get the guts to 
 just go do it. Its the same with getting this hair cut that I want.
But, I think Im finally gonna go do it. My hair is such an awkward length.
Its not super short but its not long either. Here is a pic of my real hair when
I first got it relaxed: 

Thats why I always stick in my foxy locks extensions.
So bored of my hair ! I want a style...something cute and
slightly edgy. I need something to frame my face better...something just
grazing my shoulders. I think Im gonna go for the Jessie J bob : )
Its sort of a long bob with a full, deep fringe.
Thats how Im gonna explain it to my hairdresser. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

2NE1 I am the best - CL MINX NAILS

I just watched 2NE1s new music video called " I am the best "
They are my favorite korean girl group. The first thing I noticed in the MV 
was CLs nails. They make me wanna try minx nails. Have you guys seen 2NE1s
new MV? Have you ever tried Minx ? I really wanted to get a closer look at Bom's
nails because they looked all blinged out with japanese inspired 3D acrylic but they
didnt give a close up : (

Here is a random pic of how it looks  on toes :

Love of the Day - Robyn

This woman is amazing. She doesnt give a sh#t. You can tell she isnt
one of those manufactured artists. Unique, Quirky, Free. Good music.
Lovvve her.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

fix YOU

I am currently reading 'Write it down, Make it happen' Its a really interesting
book  especially how she recommends you to visualize yourself doing things
before you actually do. This helps you to prepare yourself and get in the mindset, 
so that you can reach your goals. I am someone who when overwhelmed, 
I procrastinate. I have been writing various journal entries, sweeping out the cobwebs
of each corner of my subconscious. I am trying to talk myself into being a better
person basically.

I now know why I procrastinate when it comes to school work. 
So, Im working out ways to prevent those reasons from being an issue. Mainly 
the reasons are not fully understanding the task, not knowing how to do the task &
not wanting to do the task. If I get more clarification when needed, if I research more 
and if I just get all the tedious tasks over with quickly, I can focus on the more
enjoyable work. I
n the book, someone even wrote to their unborn baby and future 
husband though they didn't know who it would be. Writing things down, imagining how
you want to be...helps a lot. It takes the anxiety out of everything and helps you to 
uncover what you really want when previously you didn't even know.

Writing things down brings all that is in your subconscious over to your conscious
mind... so that you can find out why you do the things you do and you can change 
accordingly. Having thoughts is one thing, but when you physically write 
becomes concrete and you can go back and read it over and over.

Have you ever noticed how writing lists and crossing things off feels much better
than just typing it on a computer ? You tend to remember stuff more when you 
actually write it manually. 

Little by little I am uncovering my difficulties and coming up with a solution.
I will share what I have come up with.

My Challenges:
Self-Discipline / Procrastination / Focusing / Organization

So then I should:

  • Do things right away instead of putting them off
  • Write down everything in my planner
  • Don't take laptop to class
  • Pay attention to deadlines
  • Listen / Bring voice recorder
P.S to Self - You must stop being so bloody addicted to facebook and youtube !
Thats a big one... The library is directly across from my new apartment which 
Im moving into in September so I will utilize that to the max. Hopefully that will help 
me to seperate my school stress from my home life.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love of the day

My favorite type of music is acoustic stuff. I like when there is only one instrument
and a voice. I prefer guitar or piano. Usually when the artist plays the instrument
and sings at the same time, there is more emotion. Its perfectly synched since they 
are controlling both, making it more powerful. I dont know. I just love her. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quote OTD

If you dont go fowards, then you go backwards.
You cant stay the same.

-Li Na

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What I was up to today . . .

I really want to get teeth whitening strips. My friend told me to just buy
a tub of charcoal and brush with it. I mixed some with peroxide.
I was horrified when I put it in my mouth ! Its supposed to
work since Charcoal sucks all the toxins n crap out of things.
Its good for face masks especially because it pulls the oil and toxins out
of your skin. We shall see. Im impatient. I'll probably go buy the strips.
Haha ! It was fun though. I bought the charcoal powder from a 
health food store by the way.

: )

- From 'The Greatest Love' drama Ep 6

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A few pics from Shanghai / Korea

Egg Tarts from Raffle City, Shanghai
A must try ! Deliccioussss 

Masala Arts in Shanghai...super delicious ! You must go : )

Coral Lip Obsession

Omg...I am totally in love with
coral lips right now. Nude eyes,
black mascara and coral lips.
Love love love !
I just bought a new lipstick today
by Bobbi Brown. Its called
'Coral Pink' from the Creamy Lip Color line.
I dont see much mention of it on the internet
besides on MUA. I was just browsing
my local department store yesterday and
the color caught my eye. I swatched it
and came back today to buy it .
Absolutely love it ! I'll show it in a video soon.
In the tube it looks a bit scary but it goes 0n
much softer and less bright. Its not too
opaque and not too sheer. Its glossy
and perfect ! It doesnt stay put forever obviously
because its creamy buttttttt its my new fav.

Im also really obsessed with the color
'Papaya Punch' by Sleek. Its available
in the UK and Im debating if I should wait
til I get there or order some Sleek stuff
on the internet. Im impatient I tell you !
By the way - Sleek ships to the U.S and
other places too :) Shipping is $13 for intl.

A lipgloss Ive been wearing everyday since
I heard StyleSuzi mention it is 'Coral Reef'.
She made me want to go buy it and try it
and I absolutely lovvvvve it. It reminds me
of the bobbi brown lipstick except in a
lip gloss form. Its also more intense.
There is no shimmer in it and its thick
and opaque. Its a lipgloss you need a mirror for though.
You cant just slap it on and call it a day.
It brightens my face and is perfect for summer.

Overall Im obsessssed with coral at the moment.
Salmon is one of my favorite colors so anything
at all close to it is going to catch my eye : )

When I dont feel like any color on my lips I use
EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruit or the Honeydew one.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Fav Youtube Fashionistas

I am subscribed to all of these people
on youtube but I also follow their blogs
They are super cool and stylish !
3/4 of them are from England...
I cant wait to go to London !
I feel they are all so inspirational
in the way of style ! They sometimes
pick pieces that I wouldnt
have thought of putting together.
Its all very superficial and materialistic them ! Lol !
Who are your favs ?

Make it Happen

Anything is possible if you work toward
your goal tirelessly, with devotion and passion.
In the thick of it all, the journey might seem useless.
But, when you do things whole heartedly, in the end its always
worth it. After-all, its you who is in control of your own destiny.
Whether you are happy or unhappy, chances are
its a result of your own actions or your choice to
not change your attitude. Our brains are a tricky
little enemy sometimes. It can cause us
to do things in our best interest or the opposite.
But, when you are free from regret, you can be truly
happy. Regret will hold you down and suffocate you.
You must always just keep on going & keep
improving. Hard work, without procrastination leads you to
all you could possibly want. Deal with the mundane tasks.
Endure the long months or years. You have to
eventually be done with whatever you are struggling with.
But, will you waste the time in between, complaining
and feeling sorry for yourself, or will you make it totally
worth it ?