Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So more and more I've been subscribing to gurus in the UK.
It gives me a sense of first what to expect in terms of shopping
and second ... it sort of takes the anxiety out of the situation.
I have never been to England before and watching English
girls on youtube...just makes me feel a bit more relaxed...
sort of like Im getting a little taste of what Im in for.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share a couple videos
of the most recent channel I've subscribed to - beautysewnin

She is so adorable !

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amazing Hostel in Seoul (Bebop Guesthouse)

I know at least a few of my readers are interested 
in going to Korea someday. One big
problem with people going to Korea who dont speak Korean is accomodation. I say this
because if you want to go somewhere with English speakers, you usually have to pay out
big bucks to stay in American chains. The awesome motel-ish places
( *cough* love hotels *cough*  Hey dont knock em til' you try em ! They are great lol !)
dont take reservations and usually the front desk people dont speak English. A happy medium
of course are hostels. You can book these in advance, and they are geared towards
foreigners so the people will at least speak some English. However, you dont wanna just go
for any random Hostel. So, I thought I'd tell you about an amazing one that I found when I was
in Seoul a few months ago.
Its called Bebop Guest House & its funky and awesome. Its in the area of Hongdae
which is a super artsy area filled with young people. The area of the hostel is quiet but
its in walking distance to the center of Hongdae.
I think there are about 5 bedrooms in all. A couple are single bed ones and then the others
have bunk-beds. I must say that this was not what I pictured when I envisioned a hostel.
It was extremely clean, modern & very enjoyable. It has a very indie vibe to it.
There is a kitchen with basics for making breakfast as well as a vanity area for applying
There are 2 bathrooms that were kept very very clean.
The only problem is that often times there will be literally noone there. in staff...but just keep their phone # near you if you need something
& they will come back. Quite cool when noone else has booked rooms there. 
This is what you will see when you enter.
Turning left you will see the staircase leading to the rooms upstairs:
At the back there is the kitchen which looks like this :
Absolutely amazing place ! Another great thing is that its super close to this awesome vintage
restaurant called 'Retro Mama' Bebop is basically behind the restaurant. So, if you are in a
cab not sure where to go, look out for the Retro Mama restaurant and walk down the alley
a bit and you will find Bebop.
If you want more info check their website :
I give it 5/5
I think there are reviews on youtube also : )

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amazingly Cute Planner

If you watch my videos on youtube & follow my blog, you might know that I have 
3 planners that I absolutely love. Two of them I got from my trip to Korea
and one I briefly showed in a blog post. However, I decided to use the one I showed
a while ago first. My friend who sent me the camera mentioned previously also
sent me that along with a bunch of nail stuff. He is so kind ! Yes its a boy ! What
good taste right ? Lol !

Anyway, I decided to use that one first. It looks like this :

After finding that last ebay seller I mentioned in my DIY Polaroid
post, I realized they also sell my cuteee planner ! So, if you want it you can get it too !
It comes with adorable vintagey stickers also.

It comes with the stickers and the pouch as you can see here. Everything else
is just decoration. Haha  : ) They also have brown which is nice also.

Its about $24 after everything which is kind of pricey...but its super adorable and I
think I would pay that if I didnt have it already. Lol ! : ) Great for school or anything really !

Im lazy to html it so just search for "Tokyo Cafe Story Photo Handy Diary" on ebay if 
you want it :) 

DIY Polaroid Display

First you need some twine. I prefer the look of this sort :

Next you need some clothespins. I think mini ones look cuter.
You can find these on ebay, etsy or,
craft shops etc. Or just use the regular ones ^^

Now for the photos you really dont necessarily have to use
a polaroid camera. The real polaroid cameras were 
discontinued years ago. But, as you probably
have seen there are now modern variations of the polaroid
camera by Fujifilm. I have the one below. My amazing
friend in Korea sent it to me as a gift :

"instax mini" 

But again you dont even need one of these. If you wanted 
you could just use a disposable camera, regular film or 
lomo camera and hang the pics up. You can just use 
cute post cards or buy  polaroid photos in a set. 
Have a look on Ebay.
I found these from the seller theium
You get a set of 60 pictures.

Go to that link and search 'postcard' You will see a bunch of cool ones !

Anyway ! Have fun creating your cool polaroid display. I think it really
gives rooms a warm and artsy feel. Im definitely going to put lots
of photos up in my new place.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I plotted out Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Argos etc to buy all my home-wares for my
London Studio Apt. I dont know if you guys remember my 'Ideal Apartment'
(or something)  blog but yeah...looking for that style of stuff.

This is really bad but obviously Im gonna need a cell phone once I get to England &
Im planning on getting an Iphone. So, after I buy my Imac computer to do my coursework
on ... Ill have like a billion apple products in my tiny apartment ! How obnoxious.
Love it.

Im looking for more desk organization stuff. In Korea they have the cutest things ever !
I think I'll buy some stuff online later and ship it to England. 1 month left ! Yahoo ! 

Monday, August 8, 2011


If you need to save for school, a trip or whatever it is that you want, I highly
recommend  for you to get an automatic savings plan"Fixed Term Deposit" 
Basically for mine you had to  open the account with $1000 and the minimum amount
that could come out each month was  $250. I chose to do $850 per month. You could sign 
up for 1 yr, 3 yrs or 5yrs. It comes out automatically each month. I could not touch the money 
in this account at all. I couldnt access it or see it. I get the money when the year is over. 
Its perfect for me because I cant  make any excuses as to why I cant save for that particular 
month. I have no choice. I get my money in the beginning of Sept. 

I've seen commercials on TV for American banks that say to open a fixed term deposit 
savings account but there is no minimum amount that you have to put in. I think you
should create your own minimum. Make it a good bit but manageable for you.
When I opened mine I was still paying the loan for my scooter that I ride to work 
and I also have bills...I could have saved more but I just didnt want to. I still wanted to 
enjoy the time I had in Bermuda.

Also, with this sort of savings plan you of course get interest. These days
the interest rate would be super low but at least you end up with something
more at the end...even if its just $30 more. However, you do of course need a job
to save. So, that is probably the hardest part of all. Hopefully you can find one
that allows you to save all year...even if its $200 a month.

You might be thinking...well...what if I need that money...what if I dont know if I'll have 
a job later this year...What if I cant handle the savings payments every month ? Well, then
save less but save SOMETHING. There will always be something you need or want. 
But, the sacrifice will be so worth it in the end and you will be glad you did it.

I have a friend in Korea that saves a couple hundred a month for a future
house and for his wedding. He doesnt even have a gf or when he will get a house 
but he is saving anyway. He has a minimum wage job on top of it. Not america min wage but
this is Korea...much lower. So, I hope that this gives you hope :) Its always better to save 
just in case !

The main reason I chose the UK for school is that tuition for University is less than 
$6,000 (U.S) So, Im going to pay my tuition myself this year. By the way this is because 
Bermudians are considered British citizens, so I get to pay the local fees (Thank God!) 
If you feel that you need to take a year or two off to save up for your next school year
then do it ! I have a friend that did that because her school in L.A is so expensive.
They are tripling the rate in the UK if you start next yr which is beyond ridiculous. 
So, Im glad Im going this year. I've never saved this much before. I should
have been doing it all along but my mind just wasn't in the right place.
Hope this helps in some way. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Tips for Success !

Here are some tips I've
compiled from various sources
and from my own experience.

#1 Write down everything in a planner
so that you dont forget anything. Also, you can get a fun dry erase board for your room and scribble all the stuff from your planner
on there so you see it right in front of you, everyday. Writing things down helps them to stay in your mind rather than just glancing at blackboard.

#2 Only check facebook twice a day
if you are one of those addicted people (Raises hand) Once mid day and once at night. Reply to your messages and immediately sign out. This goes for other social sites also. Let your friends know in advance that you wont be on much anymore.
Dont put the apps on your phhooonneee if you get distracted 
easily ! 

#3 Use an hourglass to make yourself
motivated. You will feel more pressure this way to finish the paragraph or section you are working on if you try to beat all the
sand from falling. You can get ones of different speeds.

#4 Speedwrite if you have essays.
Dont over-think what you are typing when you do your first draft.
Just write without stopping, without giving yourself a second to doubt. Just write insanely quick and then when you have run out of steam, then go back and edit. Don't edit as you go. Makes things go a lot faster and often come out better.

#5 Approach things with a positive attitude
For sure if you are doing a boring class or assignment you 
might be tempted to jump out of your window at times...
But just try to get all the boring stuffout of the way first and 
try to focus on the more enjoyable things you have. If nothing 
in your program is it really what you want to be doing ?

#6 If you live with other people, try to finish as much 
work as possible outside of the home. You can sit
at school and do it or go to the library. Being at home is too comfortable and distracting so you might not be as productive.

#7 Buy pretty school accessories.
Artbox in the UK and Morning Glory in the U.S both sell 
super cute school stuff online. Google it ! The reason I think 
its important is because it gets you more in the mood
for doing school work. You will enjoy writing notes a bit 
more on an awesome notepad : ) Or is that just me ?

#8 Dont take your laptop to class
if you only use it for notes. If you feel you dont write fast
enough, take a voice recorder. If you need material from blackboard, print it out before the lecture. I know
computers can be used as a study tool but if you know
yourself and you tend to get distracted... dont bring it if you
really dont need it. When I was in many people 
would bring their laptops to lectures and would just be on
facebook the whole time. Its very tempting to space out and
surf the net. The more you pay attention the less hard you have 
to study at the end babbyyy.

#9 Participate in class.
This is a big one. If you answer questions ask questions, stay engaged...then you will be completely in tune to
whats going on. Your phone/laptop etc wont distract you 
and it will seem like the teacher is talking to you.
If you just sit there quietly you will tend to space out and 
be bored. If the teacher asks does anyone know X and you know...raise your hand !

Basically the most important thing is being consistent. 
I think everyone starts the school year off right, with a 
good frame of mind and good study habits. Eventually
people become stressed, depressed and forget about the 
things that could help. Try to stay focused on what you 
are in that program for. You probably have a dream
or goal(s) right ? Think of them often. Pay attention & 
be self-disciplined. 

Ask questions and get extra help if you need it .
Dont hang around people that constantly want to party. 
Its a waste of time and money. Sure every once in a
while...but dont make it a habit.

As my math teacher always said *rolls eyes @ math * 
"You are in charge of your own learning"