Monday, September 7, 2009

♡Simple & Cute Hime Gyaru Deco♡

Hope you like my princess nail clippers ♡ 

Many people have uploaded what they have
decorated but havent given instruction
on what kind of glue they use etc.
I hope my video can help you make kawaii
things !!

My Deco pieces are from:
So try ebay or a craft store.
It doesnt matter where you get your
stuff as long as its cute !
: ) Oh & always has pearls
hearts and rhinestones.

It took about 1 hr to set completely
as I used delayed epoxy glue.
If you havent done deco-ing before
which I hadnt, then its best to use
a delayed epoxy glue.
Once you get more confident go for the
fast drying.

This diagram shows the diff ways to 
lay out your rhinestones/pearls. But,
I just made up my layout as I went along.
It is VERY relaxing and fun to decorate things.
Take a break from homework &
Give it a try !