Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fav Youtube Channel - I love Beauty QQ ~ !

Even though she only puts a few eng subtitles - Im totally
addicted to this channel ! She completely inspires
me to want to be better in GENERAL...but especially
in regards to my skin. My sasa haul was inspired
by people like her and xpinkxx. Its great having
someone else giving you advice, like an older sister.
(Im an only child btw)

I prefer her to Michelle Phan in a way because
she is so real. Michelle does those odd poses
at the end of her videos & it freaks me out a bit.
I do love her but...I feel like Queenie is more
open to show the real her.

My purchase of the Loreal Go 360 Clean was inspired
by the video below...& I am totalllly in love with the
little scrublets. I often use it with my other cleansers
such as my Mandom Green Tea cleanser. It works soo well
& its super durable but gentle on the skin !

I started off with the blue one (sensitive skin)
and today I bought the green one which is the regular
gel cleanser. Part of the reason I bought a second one
before I even finished my first is solely
for the scrublet. I want to be able to do what
she does with 2 on my nose !
I love taking baths just like her & she gave
an amazing tip of adding some tea bags into your
hot bath water. Super natural and detoxifying !
She just has so many great ideas that she learned
from pros & her own experience.

P.S - If anyone out there knows Cantonese,
please let me know some stuff she is saying
where there is no subs ^ ^ Thanks !

Who is your fav beauty guru besides Michelle Phan ?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Zebra Nails

Zebra nails are always fun. 
I will share some tips of what
helps me to do them esp on my
non-dominant hand.

Use the brush to create thick lines by applying 

Interweave the lines from one side of the nail 
and then do the other side.

Look at a photo on the internet of a zebra print and 
copy the individual lines.

Just dont leave too much space empty - fill it up
& you will come out with something decent.

On your non-dominant hand it helps to move your fingers
as you drag the brush - so twist your nail toward or
away from the brush for a cleaner line. 

Start with the Triangle either on the side, top or bottom
of your nail - this makes it a lot easier to fill up
the nail with other sorts of lines and makes it more realistic.

Practice drawing the lines on a piece of paper before
starting - you may see that painting on your nails
is even easier.

Here is my most recent Zebra Nail Tutorial : 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brand Watch: Models Own

Models Own is currently having a 
facebook promo where if they reach
10,000 'Likes' then they will
do a 50% Sale . Sounds good to me !
So go onto facebook and 'Like' them !
However, you have to spend more
than  £20 on the site in order
to get the 50 % off which is like $30. 

They will send their 
facebook fans
a voucher for the site.

Models Own is a UK based company with 
makeup stuff... but Im more interested in the 
nail polish.

On their website they have the polish divided
into categories such as Pinks Greys Greens

I love that ! You can even buy the polish
in sets such as the 'French Manicure Set' 
They also have a base & top 
coat which makes your polish shiny
all in one bottle !

The colors are great ! There are at least 
one from every set that I want. The
colors are just so cute & fun !  
I've heard that the formula is quite good 
as well.

So, wait until the sale & go 
buy them up ! Thats what Im going to do...
The cool thing is you can grab 
some extra stuff like lip tint without
having to go to another site to do so.

By the way - the polishes will be £2.50 
 a bottle which is like $3.90 U.S ! !  ^ ^

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Youtube Channel

I've decided to make a new youtube channel
to make videos specifically about 
asian beauty products, random DIYS not
relating to nails, makeup tuts, 
advice, other random asian stuff...ETC...
It will be fun : )

Subscribe so you can have something
to watch when youre bored : ) 

There will be a contest soon
with asian prizes

Here is my first video : 

Let me know what you would like to see.
Im obsessed with all things asian & girly.
So make any sort of suggestion if you want.

My next video is going to be on 'How 
to go to Japan & Korea'  for those who 
have been wanting to go for a while. 

I will be posting new nail stuff more regularly on 
kawaii nails also by the way. 

I have been doing my nails but - the videos 
haven't been coming out good enough to upload.
Its like I have OCD or something... 

But, I will try to go back to my once a 
week videos ! ^ ^ 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cleanser Routine ~

After removing my makeup with my 
Ponds Cold Cream & Wet Cleansing Tissues 
I wash my face with Loreals Go 360
Clean. What attracted my attention to this 
was the silicone scrubbie thing
which a lot of places in asia sell by itself. 
I could never find any
so I was excited to give this product a go. 
I probably wouldnt even have bought it
if it wasnt for the scrublet...
I have the one for sensitive skin.
I massage the cleanser into my face for around
2 mins and as I rinse it off I keep using the scrublet.
I noticed it really gives me the motivation to
pay attention to cleansing my face throughly and 
it makes me just want to keep rubbing away. 
Its soo fun to use ! I was  thinking of
buying a Clarisonic but with a cheap little
silicone thingy , you can still get a 
super clean face.

After using it - I follow it up with my 
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for
Normal/Oily skin to reap all the benefits
of it for my acne prone skin.
The reason for this is that the purpose of the
360 one for me is just to get every last drop
of makeup off.
But, I still need my Cetaphil .
However, in the morning I only use my Cetaphil
with the silicone scrubbie. 
It realllly has helped me keep down my need to
use blackhead pore strips. 
( I use the ones by Etude house BTW.
 They work soo much better 
than the Biore ones ! ) 
Overall - Im loving this routine at 
the moment : )

I also have Kai Cleansing Brushes
which are super great
because if you buy 2
you can just wash your face so easily.
Your pointer finger slips right up
into the little pocket so its great !
Im planning to give one or 2 away in an
upcoming contest.
These are available on

Brand Watch : Deborah Lippmann

So, as I look around the internet these days

I keep seeing mentions of Lady Gaga and her grey nails
on the cover of Vanity Fair.
I had a friend post a link on my facebook with a color 
by Lippmann & everyone just seems to want to try
her colors these days.
They are bold, fun but well...quite pricey.
Definitely a luxury nail polish brand.
The names of her Nail Polishes mostly come
from popular songs from the past or present.
Such as "Its raining men" 
The polishes range from about $16 - $20 
At first I was thinking to myself...
why are they double the price of OPI ?! 
Isnt OPI expensive as it is ? 
I was thinking that there really must be
something great about them if they 
are DOUBLE the cost of OPI.
So, I visited the website and the
difference with Lippmann's polishes is that she
infuses them with ingredients
to help your nails and not just cover them.
Things such as Biotin & Green Tea.
So, thats good news... but if I order any online 
it certainly wont be many, as I already have 
similar colors. But, some of the polishes 
are very unique. I do really want to try the 
grey and some of the sparkly colors. 

Im curious about the brush, the drying time 
& how well it goes on. But, I guess
the only way to find out is to try one.
Well, with Seche Vite any polish 
can be great. But,with this price tag
it better be great even without my Seche : ) 
She even created some color with celebs
such as "No More Drama'' Mary J Blige.
Pretty cool.

She actually has a blogspot (woohoo)
which shows a lot of the colors
swatched. The bottles are very modern
and simple & just scream New York City
to me. These polishes I probably wouldnt 
use for Nail Art. I think I'd put them on
when I feel like a more simplistic, 
mature look...which is rare. Haha !

& You can purchase the colors here :

They also have stuff for your cuticles, fast drying top coat

Check it out  : ) 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Everyday Makeup - What I use

Here are the makeup products I have
been using this summer

My Skin Profile :
-Acne Scars
-Large Pores 
-Slightly Oily 
-Uneven Texture

This foundation is so light weight with just enough
coverage to not look overly cakey.  It doesnt
even feel like Im wearing anything. 
Its medium coverage which is okay.  
Some people say its not enough coverage.
But, for me your would need cement to
cover my flaws so...I cant really complain. 

I love this foundation brush by The Body Shop.
People tend to forget about that store...
They have really nice stuff in there ! 

I set my foundation with the Color Stay 
Pressed Powder. I used to use loose powder
But its just so freaking messy !
Loving this pressed powder. 
When I come home from work, I have
a full face of makeup to remove instead
of just traces left behind. 
It really stays on ! I usually toss it in my 
purse for a go-to mirror and to touch up.
Which I rarely have to do.

I apply the powder with my Body Shop Kabuki.
Its sooo soft. I love it : ) Aching to deco
the handle of this brush. 
These days Ive been lining & tight-lining my eyes
with Mac - Carbon. Im kind of obsessed with it.
I haven't used eyeliner for a while. 
Its great. 
I apply it with this small shader brush by Mac
Its #231. 

Almost every morning I put on this same lipstick.
Revlon - Soft Nude. Such a nice color. 
It always calls out to me over all my other lipsticks. 
I don't usually like Drug Store Lipsticks.
But, I really love this Color Burst line !! 
The color doesnt last that long on my lips 
so I have to bring it with me in my bag. 
Really loving Revlon this summer though.
They are on point !!! 

I put this Etude House 'Top 10' golden lip gloss on top
which really goes great with the nude color.
It kinda reminds me of a Mac Dazzle Glass.

I choose from a variety of different eyeshadows 
each day.  Normally I just keep it super simple
for work. I hate waking up early ! 
My brain doesnt function well enough to use
blending brushes and different shades & colors
to create ' depth' at that hour in the morning !!! 
I lovvve the Maybelline Eye Studio Quads. 
I usually just put a dab of white glittery
eyeshadow from the 'Sapphire Siren' Quad
to brighten up my face.
Before using shadow though I use my Etude House Primer

& Thats it !  
I dont contour, use bronzer, highlighter, blush or
fill in my brows. The only time I wear lashes
is when Im going somewhere special.
I use generic Korean brands.
Some people look great when doing 
all that extra but it really does nothing for me.
I just look too...fake 

Also , I use Michelle Phans method of 
cleansing my brushes - Dish Washing Liquid,
Olive Oil & Water. It works really well !