Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sexual Cheesy Potatoes

This is my favourite unhealthy snack ! Found at Borough Market in London ! 
Raclette cheese smothered on top of cute baby potatoes seasoned with salt
& pepper...with a side of pickles :D  Salivating just thinking about it ...
Heres what else I got up to after my potato adventure : 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I cannot stand 50 Shades of Grey

...very attractive, i know. 

1. The characters talk like they are 20 something going on 90.
2. They are meant to be American but sound British.
3. The way the book is written is generally dry & crappy.
4. Mr. Grey is a controlling, psycho bastard and it pisses me off.
5. The fact that Ana can orgasm in 3.5 seconds from weird SHXT irritates me
6. I cant even progress past chapter 13 & I hate not finishing books
7. The sexual scenes are boring.com 
8. The hype surrounding the book makes me angry

I just hope the movie is good...the basic story is interesting...But I literally cannot sit 
and finish this book. Its too damn boring. Ive seen a lot of people say
they dislike the book but at the same time its addictive. I dont find it addictive at all.
Its just aggravating to me ! I wonder who they will cast for the movie.
Since Ana says 100,000 times in a few pages  that Mr. Grey is amazingly
 attractive...let me think for a moment who could be cast.

Im thinking a mixture of Jude Law, Robert Pattinson & Johnny Depp's intensity 
& acting skill...Does this person exist ?

I have no idea...who do you think should be Mr. Grey in the movie ?

Maybe a newbie...someone not already famous 

How to get started in Nail Art

To get started doing cute nail art there are some necessities in order to make
a variety of designs and looks.

The 10 top things you will need are: 

1. Base Coat
2. Polishes
3. Rhinestones
4. Glitter
5. Striper Brush
6. Short Tip Brush
7. Nail Art Pen
8. Nail Dotting Tool
9. Basecoat
10. Nail Polish Remover w/ q-tip (for mistakes)

However, not all of them are necessary...only if you want to have a full collection and
not use household items like matches in place of a dotting tool. Totally up to you !

You can get ALL of these things on ebay if not at your local beauty supply or even

My favorite nail polish brands that never dissapoint me are: OPI, Models Own, Barry M,
Etude House & Essie to name a few.

Models own do good nail art pens. My least favorite are the marker-tip ones from
Sally Hansen.

Here is a video with some extra tips on how to do dots, glitter, french, stripes & leopard.

If you would like me to cover any other basics let me know !

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lipstick Collection Part 1 !

I absolutely love lipsticks ! I spend more money on beauty products than
clothes or shoes hands down! In this video I show you some swatches on my lips
instead of on the back of my hand so you can see the colors better.
When choosing most of my NYX lipsticks I first watched videos which gave me
ideas of which ones I would like to purchase. Hope it helps in some way :)