Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy [Insert Curse Word Here]

OMG !!!!!! I dont even know what to say 
HAHAHA !  I wonder this has something to do 
with the fact that Will I AM 
helped 2NE1 ... so he kinda got influenced 
by Korean culture & also I think the Producer is a
Korean-American. Hmm..well anyway this is so
freaking awesome. Koreannnnnn in a random
music video. Yay for that. 
Kinda reminds me how I almost died when I saw
Ameries awesome Korean Tattoo in her MV ^ ^ 
Yes I get overly excited about the most random things.
Anyway, I was just so surprised & wanted to share !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loose No Heat Curls

For those of you whose hair doesnt curl so easily
or if you want to go heat-free for a while,
you might want to try a Bantu-Knot Out.
Its great for anyone with straight-ish hair.
Well, really it could work for anyone -
the result would just be a bit different on
thicker hair !

1. Put a small amount of a  light moisturizer throughout 
your hair. Nothing that will make your hair too 
stiff though. Also this works best on freshly washed hair.
It does not have to be damp though. I did mine dry.

2. Grab random chunks of hair and twirl the hair
in your fingers tightly. The smaller the section -
the tighter the curl. So, just grab the
section of hair and twist it as one big piece
counter-clock wise till its tightly wound.  

( Just a random pic from the internet)

3. After that , coil the hair up close to your scalp.
Wrap the hair around itself like you see
in the pic. If you twist the hair up tight in the 2nd step
it will automatically wanna coil around itself into a nice
little donut shape.
If you have coarser hair it will stay just like that.
If not use a bobby pin to secure.

You will look a bit crazy afterwards but its okay !

4. Put on a silk cap or  bandana or something
to secure the hair in place while you sleep.

5. A bit of hair spray or something that could
keep the curl lasting longer. If it looks okay as is
dont loosen the curls too much with your fingers. 
Just let them loosen up as the day goes so it will
last longer. 

If your hair is rather fine or long and you dont think 
the coils would stay perhaps you could try 
this method instead :

Its a rather  similar concept but just a bit better for
those with long or thin hair. She puts all the rolls
with the clips at the top of her head so that
it doesnt disrupt her sleep. 

When you wake up the curls will look rather separated
so just take your fingers and break them up a bit 
for a natural look! 

Add a cute Hair bow as well !
I got mine online from Forever 21. 
Its called the Chiffon Dotted Head Band 
$ 3.80

Here is my result :

Friday, October 22, 2010

Japanese Magazine Heaven

I just found the most amazing website.
Great for those times when you are super bored !
You can freakin download all the Japanese
Mag Scans you want ! seriously. I cant take this. 
How did I not know about this site before ?!
Im so overly excited I dont know what to do
with myself. 

Here is the link :

I just downloaded S Cawaii October 2010

I used the File Factor url (Link #2)
It kinda makes you wait for like a minute but it 
will start dont worry. If you have trouble let me know.

The only problem is that if you download over 150 MB,
you have to wait for another hour to get a different mag.
Usually you can only get 1 magazine per hour
which is still okay. But, if the certain magazine you
want has different links available
to go to different downloading sites...then you can get 
more  !  

For example when I went to download my
second mag ( Vivi November 2010 ) 
I used a link which was in Chinese instead
of File Factor. 

I was lost at first but my  friend suggested that I just click
on the button with the arrow pointing down ! 
& it worked !

But shhhh...keep this your secret !
The more popular a (illegal) site gets the 
more likely it will come down : ( 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Fav Moisturizers !

When I can get my hands on some La Roche Posay I always stock up.
Its one of my fav brands ! But for now Im definitely
 loving Vichy.

One thing I really love by LRP is this :

Effaclar M Daily Mattifying Moisturizer 

Here is Vichys Top Seller :

Normaderm Anti Imperfection 
Hydrating Care

I wanted this but it was all sold out when my mom
went to Chicago so she got me the Anti-Blemish one
which is probably even better for my skin type.


But as for La Roche Posay here is the website :

Check out the link to see what products of theirs 
could work for you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bored ? Some Korean Fun . . .

Here is what Im watching on
this lazy Sunday 

Also this is one of my fav movies :

In other random news - Im really loving 2NE1's fall
outfits. Last year they were still wearing lots of
colorful clothes in the fall. But this year its more edgy
and sophisticated...but still funky & unique.
I just lovvvve 2NE1. 

For lunch today I made a  really simple version 
of BiBimBap. I only added the basic ingredients 
of this recipe but no beef
instead I used mushrooms. 
I didnt add kimchi or raddish.
I highly recommend you to go to the 
Korean grocery store near
you and get some Gochu Jang (Red Pepper Paste)
& Dwen Jang (Soy Bean Paste). 
Its so useful esp in the winter for soups 
and rice dishes etc !
I get mine online at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amerie's Blonde Hair

Ive always been a fan of Ameries Look.
Her music is ... well ... blah. 
I just think her songs arent catchy enough.
But, she is so freaking gorgeous.
She is half korean, half black if you didnt know.
She has a cute tattoo on her lower back
with her name in Korean.
I remember when I first saw her "1 Thing"
MV and freaked out when they showed her
tattoo in Korean.  Haha !

She has worked with Se7en also. 
I think there are clips on youtube
of them playing around in the studio
as well as the MV for "Take Control"
I just wish I knew why none of her songs have
been that good since "Why dont we fall in love"
Do you know what I mean ? They are just
all kind of dull...

So, yeah her father worked on the 
U.S Base in South Korea so thats how he 
met her Korean mom !
Cool right ?
Anyways, I always envied her luscious black hair 
& now its...gone ! 
What do you think ?
I think its too pale of a blonde for her skin tone.
I do like when stars switch up their look
but...not all hair colors suit all people. 

Current Loves

Lovinggg this MAC Eye Shadow out with the
Venomous Villains collection.
This one is "My Dark Magic"
Its so freaking gorgeous. It makes me want to 
replicate this swirl of colors
on a canvas. I swear I could look at
it all day. On the eyes it comes out
in 2 tones of a shimmery purple/black color 
but in the pan its even more amazingly 
Im thinking about going 
back for the blue/green one.

As soon as I saw this color on the 
OPI Nail Polish Rack I had to have it.
It just kept jumping back out at me as
I browsed other sections of the store.
Its such a fantastic golden broze color. 
Its a bit sheer but build-able for sure.
Its called "Glitzerland" by the way.

I have found a new favorite lipstick ! 
Its Drugstore even !
Its the famous Maybelline "Pink Please"
A lot of people in the US say they cant
find it because its always 
sold out everywhere...but people here arent
that fanatic about lipsticks
so there are tons. Im going to stock up !
Its a creamy, cute pink shade. 
In the package it didn't look that special
but when I put it on I was in love.
Its a lightly nude sort of pink &
its slightly matte but also is not 
drying at all. Its perfect to pair with
dramatic or smokey eyes.
I freaking love it !

I also got this online from Etude House. 
Its one of their new Sweet Eye Cupcake Shadows. 
Super cute packaging. Lovely Color. 
I got the the Cloud Cookie one (#5) 
Its shimmery but not in a tacky way.
I really like these sorts of colors on my skin 
so I ordered one. Etude house always has 
fabulous eyes shadows for a decent price.
You can find this product here :
Of course their price is more than in Korea because they 
gotta make a profit...but if you want it thats where 
you can get it : ) 

Here is what it looks the colors look like up close:

& Here is the package :

So yep, thats about it for today. Just thought Id share. 
Have a good day ^ ^