Friday, November 12, 2010

Gradiation Nails

So, I love Gradition Nails.
They have been around for years.
I first saw them on my Korean friend nails around 2004ish.
They are so simple to do and you dont need
any fancy tools to create the look. Looks great on long 
and short nails...and you can use whatever colors you want.
I did an Ocean Inspired Gradiation video on youtube a while ago
& the quality is horrible because I was using my built in laptop
webcam at the time. But, I did like the end results.

This time I chose to do sort of a snowy look with one 
main color. You could use 3 different shades of the same 
color could have one main color and use white & 
black to mix in ...creating your gradiation. There are so many
ways to create gradiation nails. You could even use a small 
makeup sponge but I prefer just painting the tip and then
dragging the brush down to 1/2 the gives a similar
effect and its faster. Just make sure you dont have
an opaque polish.This works better with sort of slightly
sheer or sparkly polishes.
Also make sure there isnt too much polish on your 
brush if you choose to do the dragging method.

Experiment ! Its so much fun !

Monday, November 1, 2010

2NE1 New MV / Dinner

2NE1's new music video ! The title in Korean is  아파 (Apa) 
"Apa" means hurts basically...
If you have a headache you would say Mauri (head) Apa (hurts) 
It was released on their youtube channel yesterday.
Very halloween-esque. 
Also has a bit of a japanese feel to it.

Here is a site where you can find lots of korean lyrics
translated into english :

Although Daras vocals arent that strong and she is one of the 
weakest dancers of the group she has a lot of charm and is 
good at acting
: ) 

What do you think of Dara ?

In other random news Im going to be making this for
dinner tonight :

I have all of these ingredients in my kitchen at the moment
so I thought I might as well make it ! 

I have a couple pics below.
I made it exactly like aeriskitchen but I added
a touch of nutmeg, red pepper powder and
other random spices. I go by taste ! 
I put the yummy soup in my fav bowl, which I painted myself. 
This is a perfect dinner for fall.