Friday, December 31, 2010

For the Misfits

We are all given the same amount of
time in a day.Its up to us what we 
become as a result of how we use this time.
Your own happiness is also up to you. 
Of course there may be people
in your community or family members around
you that drag you down or  just don't 
understand you. Maybe you don't
even have many friends...It doesn't matter.

In the are the only 
one that can control your life. If you really
want to go to a certain country or you
really want to have a certain career or dress 
a certain way...What is really stopping 
you except  money or worrying about 
what others think ? 

Money can come over time... and negative,
closed minded people don't matter. 
Concentrate on the fact that whatever it is 
that you yearn to a result of
completing it you will be matter
what it takes. 

Don't suppress something you want to do...
it will just be on your mind all the time...
If you feel you cant 100 % complete your least try somehow. 

For those obsessed with asia in some way 
or maybe with acting, gaming or 
anything considered of out of the ordinary...
The point is - you have passion.
Being obsessed with something means
you have passion and you aren't just a 
lifeless soul drifting through the day. 

There are many passion-less people out 
there  and most of the time they are the 
ones that try to drag people like you down. 
So, if there is anything you feel unresolved 
about, anything that you just wanna do
so bad...I hope that you complete it in 
2011...or at least make the first step to 
completing it. After-all, in the end, it's
all about taking those baby steps to a 
bigger goal.

Dont lose hope.
Do all you can do to make
your life the way you want it. 
We get so used to being a certain
way sometimes...and doing
'out of the ordinary' things 
require a strong burst of bravery. 

There is a way to do almost anything
in the world if you really want it badly
enough...and are willing to sacrifice
and work hard.  

Keep that passion and absolutely
always do what makes you happy
even if others come at you
with negativity ! On this road
to doing what you want...there
will be unhappy times.
But, remember that it will be worth 
it someday. 

I believe that we must create our
own destiny. 

"The only way to predict our 
future is to create it " 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fetishes ?

So, this may be a random post...but recently more and more
Im realizing there is some rather .......... interesting material on say the least.

Well, really Ive realized that there are so many fetishes in this
world that I just didnt even know about.
One is long toe nails, another is being scratched or watching
someone scratch skin or other surfaces & also
shoe play...which is where someone slowly removes or puts 
on their shoes and rubs their feet around a bit & they film it. 
There are tons of videos apparently on these things on youtube
as I keep getting messaged by people who enjoy those
sorts of things. 

Another thing is straight men wearing polish...usually
on their toe nails so noone can see. But its just purely for 
their own enjoyment.

I have gotten a few messages to my youtube
asking if I would 'scratch' them with my long nails. 

There are some interesting people in this world...

To each their own I suppose... 

Have you guys heard of these things ? 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I broke a nail !

Heres what I do when that happens : 

I was cleaning and it somehow bent completely didnt snap off right away but 
after a while it started to tear at the line in which it bent. 
Then recently it just totally  came off : ( 
Ah, well no problem. This is a good time to show you what I do & how
I get it back long with no problems. 
This doesnt happen very often...
Maybe once every 9 - 12 months or something so
I thought I'd share this time ! 
The last time I broke a nail was the day before Halloween '09 
It seems to be a pattern with me and holidays...not that 
halloween is a holiday but you know what I mean...haha

P.S - OPI Nail Glue & Tips are great...really strong 
and it feels quite natural. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bored ? Some Japanese Fun

Check out the videos from this years Youtube Video Awards Japan

Click on the third tab to view vlog/how to videos.

Click on the clapping hand symbol to vote for the person who

you think deserves it !

They are fun to watch haha : )

One guy made his own ground coffee. Pretty hardcore ! ! !

Lol !

Ive actually been on youtube for the last 2 hours, yet Im only

on video 4 on the contest page. Lol ! One thing leads to

another with these videos and you discover lots more interesting things

from just clicking on one video on the awards page.

Im having so much fun ! Haha

Gotta love japanese people : )

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shanghai Dreams

So, Im thinking about going to Shanghai in April 2011.
Im researching different airlines at the moment.
I am completely a 1 connecting flight only sort of gal.
So at the moment Air Canada is looking good.
Bermuda - Toronto - Shanghai.
Not bad..Similar to my Bermuda - New York - Korea flight.
Its just a tad bit longer and I have to overnight it in Toronto
which sort of sucks but maybe its a good thing...
At least I can have some down time & work out in the hotel gym,
preparing for the long flight the next day.
Hmm...still thinking.
China Eastern Airlines is the cheapest option but I heard
the service and everything sucks.
Some people have said its very old fashioned planes - meaning
no individual tvs etc.
Thats a bigggg deal breaker for me.
My TV going to Korea saved me !

I always check this website to find reviews of the
airline service etc. which ultimately will help me make up
my mind.

If I go I'll be sure to vlog...

There really is nothing stopping me but I feel slightly
apprehensive for some reason.

Have you guys ever been to China / Shanghai or lived there ?
Let me know if you have any tips or hot spots to visit !
Thanks : )

Videos like that help me to see what to expect : )

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Katy Perry & Justin Beiber Nail Polish

Random right ?
I know ! Haha
I hadnt even heard of this until just now.
But, yeah the Justin Bieber line 
for Nicole by OPI is currently out in 
select Walmart stores & the Katy Perry
OPI line is coming out on January 1.
Not sure where they will be sold though...

By the way if you are wondering 
about why those bottles at the top 
are different & say "Nicole" the reason
is that they are just kind of a sub-line
of OPI. Its geared towards younger girls 
hence the fun colors. 

My fav I think from the Katy Perry line
is the Black Shatter polish that you 
will see if you watch the video.
I know a few other brands make polishes 
of this nature as well.
Makes any color super edgy. 
Its great for fall/winter. But, to be 
honest her particular line looks
slightly boring - not what I would expect 
from such a unique person. 

Justin Beiber's line looks much 
prettier to me...I prefer these colors 
over K.P's. Anyway, my fav from his
line is probably "One less lonely glitter"

Both of the lines are rather glittery 
and funky. Pretty much geared
towards the girly or younger people
out there. Dont have to be young to
love/wear the colors though ! 
Glitter is super popular right now...
as you can see with the Burlesque
collection and other winter polish

Im sure if you cant find them near 
you they will be on Ebay or somewhere 
on the internet soon. 

If you are interested in having a look 
here are the polishes  :

What do you think ? 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Wear Nail Art Contest !

Hello everyone ! Here is a fun contest for you guys to try ! Give it a go !
You dont have to make a video if you dont want to : ) 
The pic above is the asian prizes the winner will receive.
Thinking about having a 2nd place winner...
Anyway here are the rules : 

1. Must be a subscriber

2. There will be only one Winner this time
unless I cant decide between 2 designs

3. Be inspired by winter wear - jackets, hats, scarfs
sweaters etc

4. No time limit

5. Open Worldwide. Will ship anywhere.

6. 2 entries max per person

7. Starts today & ends Jan 9 2011

8. You can use anything you want including
rhinestones, stamps, acrylics etc or just
keep it simple

9. Please show step by step how you created
your nail art look & show the polishes or decorations
you use

10. Please title your entry
"Winter Wear Nail Art Contest Entry"



Include at least 6 pics in your photo tutorial
step by step showing how you created your design

Make sure you let us know which polishes, colors
nail decorations you used & the brands if you can

Include a photo of your winter wear item


So yeah Bloggers/Tumblrs etc are allowed to just go ahead
and post a photo tutorial on their page if they so choose.
They will be judged pretty much the same if I see
the effort.

Have fun !

Please Enter & Pass this video on to
someone that may be interested ^ ^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy for Red

Lately I've been becoming obsessed with red polish.
I used to think it was boring and I just...wasnt interested

If you dont feel like doing any nail art geared toward
Christmas...just paint your nails bright red !
No better time to have that classic cherry mani.

Im loving Ali's Big Break from OPI - Its from their Burlesque collection.
Its a fun basic red with gorgeous delicate shimmers inside.

But, of course every brand has a nice red, usually.

One thing to watch out for when wearing red nail polish is staining.
Depending on the brand, red tends to stain sometimes more than other
colors. Because its such an intense inky sort of color with lots of pigment
it can stain your nails if you dont use basecoat. I love to do 2  coats of basecoat.

Because red nail polish is so bright and vibrant, chips will be more
obvious. Make sure you seal up your varnish with a nice top coat
such as Seche Vite to prevent chipping !

If you buy a regular red...try popping some glitter on top and
see what happens : )

Also, ever since I started watching beautycrush on youtube I
became interested in red lipstick. It looked so good with her skin tone
so I thought I'd try it too : )

Here are some tips on long wearing red lipstick

Personally I use NYX Lipliner in 817 Hot Red & various
reddish lipsticks. Of course Mac would last a bit longer than
say Revlon Color Burst but if you try the tip below you
will be able to mattify any lipstick.

So, after I apply my lipstick I use the method Michelle Phan brought
to my attention of pressing a tissue on top of your lips and taking
your kabuki or puff with some powder and blotting over
the tissue. This removes all the excess moisture from your
lipstick giving it more long wear.

Skip to 0:21  if you are only interested in the lippie tips

So, get into red this season  ! Its very fun and fashionable : )

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ultimate Nail Tag

Hellooo everyone
I thought it would be fun to do this tag started by 
In this video I go into a bit of my history
talking about my nail art passion &
I also give a couple tips : )

Hope you enjoy

Here are the questions :

1. When did your nail passion start?
2.When did you start growing your nails long?
3.What are the secrets to growing long natural nails?
4.Do you like long or short nails?
5.Which do you prefer most acrylic,gel, fiberglass or any other nail enhancement?
6.Do you prefer false nails or natural nails?
7.What nail shape do you like best,round,square,pointy,squoval?
8.What nail polish brand do you love the most?
9.If you were stuck on an island what would be the 3 nail items you would bring?
10.Why do you love nail art? and How did you get started doing nail art?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gradiation Nails

So, I love Gradition Nails.
They have been around for years.
I first saw them on my Korean friend nails around 2004ish.
They are so simple to do and you dont need
any fancy tools to create the look. Looks great on long 
and short nails...and you can use whatever colors you want.
I did an Ocean Inspired Gradiation video on youtube a while ago
& the quality is horrible because I was using my built in laptop
webcam at the time. But, I did like the end results.

This time I chose to do sort of a snowy look with one 
main color. You could use 3 different shades of the same 
color could have one main color and use white & 
black to mix in ...creating your gradiation. There are so many
ways to create gradiation nails. You could even use a small 
makeup sponge but I prefer just painting the tip and then
dragging the brush down to 1/2 the gives a similar
effect and its faster. Just make sure you dont have
an opaque polish.This works better with sort of slightly
sheer or sparkly polishes.
Also make sure there isnt too much polish on your 
brush if you choose to do the dragging method.

Experiment ! Its so much fun !

Monday, November 1, 2010

2NE1 New MV / Dinner

2NE1's new music video ! The title in Korean is  아파 (Apa) 
"Apa" means hurts basically...
If you have a headache you would say Mauri (head) Apa (hurts) 
It was released on their youtube channel yesterday.
Very halloween-esque. 
Also has a bit of a japanese feel to it.

Here is a site where you can find lots of korean lyrics
translated into english :

Although Daras vocals arent that strong and she is one of the 
weakest dancers of the group she has a lot of charm and is 
good at acting
: ) 

What do you think of Dara ?

In other random news Im going to be making this for
dinner tonight :

I have all of these ingredients in my kitchen at the moment
so I thought I might as well make it ! 

I have a couple pics below.
I made it exactly like aeriskitchen but I added
a touch of nutmeg, red pepper powder and
other random spices. I go by taste ! 
I put the yummy soup in my fav bowl, which I painted myself. 
This is a perfect dinner for fall. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy [Insert Curse Word Here]

OMG !!!!!! I dont even know what to say 
HAHAHA !  I wonder this has something to do 
with the fact that Will I AM 
helped 2NE1 ... so he kinda got influenced 
by Korean culture & also I think the Producer is a
Korean-American. Hmm..well anyway this is so
freaking awesome. Koreannnnnn in a random
music video. Yay for that. 
Kinda reminds me how I almost died when I saw
Ameries awesome Korean Tattoo in her MV ^ ^ 
Yes I get overly excited about the most random things.
Anyway, I was just so surprised & wanted to share !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loose No Heat Curls

For those of you whose hair doesnt curl so easily
or if you want to go heat-free for a while,
you might want to try a Bantu-Knot Out.
Its great for anyone with straight-ish hair.
Well, really it could work for anyone -
the result would just be a bit different on
thicker hair !

1. Put a small amount of a  light moisturizer throughout 
your hair. Nothing that will make your hair too 
stiff though. Also this works best on freshly washed hair.
It does not have to be damp though. I did mine dry.

2. Grab random chunks of hair and twirl the hair
in your fingers tightly. The smaller the section -
the tighter the curl. So, just grab the
section of hair and twist it as one big piece
counter-clock wise till its tightly wound.  

( Just a random pic from the internet)

3. After that , coil the hair up close to your scalp.
Wrap the hair around itself like you see
in the pic. If you twist the hair up tight in the 2nd step
it will automatically wanna coil around itself into a nice
little donut shape.
If you have coarser hair it will stay just like that.
If not use a bobby pin to secure.

You will look a bit crazy afterwards but its okay !

4. Put on a silk cap or  bandana or something
to secure the hair in place while you sleep.

5. A bit of hair spray or something that could
keep the curl lasting longer. If it looks okay as is
dont loosen the curls too much with your fingers. 
Just let them loosen up as the day goes so it will
last longer. 

If your hair is rather fine or long and you dont think 
the coils would stay perhaps you could try 
this method instead :

Its a rather  similar concept but just a bit better for
those with long or thin hair. She puts all the rolls
with the clips at the top of her head so that
it doesnt disrupt her sleep. 

When you wake up the curls will look rather separated
so just take your fingers and break them up a bit 
for a natural look! 

Add a cute Hair bow as well !
I got mine online from Forever 21. 
Its called the Chiffon Dotted Head Band 
$ 3.80

Here is my result :