Sunday, February 21, 2010

New York !

This amazingly cute ice heart was right in the middle of 
Times Square in Manhattan.
How nice to see on my Valentines

These are the nails I sported last week while in New York
I quickly did them before going to the airport
You can see what I did  basically from the items 
in the photo. You know I love dots ! 
I used OPI - Alpine Snow
& the korean brand - Skinfood's Green Bean Milk

Here is the hairstyle I sported while off in New York.
I wanted it to be up cuz of the weather
and decided to try the famous korean style bun.
I cut the toe part off of a black sock and put it my hair 
like a scrunchie. Then I fanned my hair over the sock
and put a hair tie on. As you can see from the pic
I pulled the bottom part of my hair down to make it 
look more casual, messy and cute.
I also added a bow hair band afterwards.

Speaking of korean things I also ate yummy korean bbq
in manhattan. So good !