Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions - Jet Black

So I finally got a pair of the famous Foxy Locks Hair Extensions.
I got them in Jet Black - Deluxe 20 inch set. 
I dye my hair jet black every few months.
I will do a proper video review after I get my hair done
in a week & a half.
Im getting it done right before I go to China.

Anyway, they came folded in half in a pink envelope.
Brushing them out removes the crease from
the way they were folded easily.
I took them out and immediately loved the way
they looked. They were extremely long and looked
luscious and thick.  They are very silky and smooth.
They aren't overly shiny looking which helps them
to blend into many hair types. Though if
your hair is very coarse it may not match well. 

The clips are very strong as everyone mentions.
I have another pair of clip in hair and the clips
are more loose. That set is not human hair though.
This is 100 % human hair and its really great quality.
They curl well and straighten right out if you
get tired of the curl. I have no complaints.
The only thing is that they are ridiculously long
and are all one length. 
They definitely need to be cut and layered
before I will wear them in public.
I think they look too false as they go below 
my boobs. 
I wish they came in different lengths but
you can always cut them.

They are £74.00 which is about $120

Pricey I know - but thats how much
good quality human hair  
usually costs. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tips for Long Flights

1. Dont sleep the night before so you
can sleep like a baby on the plane.

2. Bring sleeping pills just in case & if you
dont do #1

3. If you are absolutely terrified of flying
you can get pills from the Dr. to help
calm your nerves. I think its basically anti-depressants.
I haven't tried this though I am scared of flying.

4. Drink water - no sugary drinks or alcohol as you
will get super dehydrated with the altitude.

5. Wear loose clothes as you tend to bloat
and swell on a plane a bit.

6. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off
as you will have to get up and go to the bathroom
or stretch every now and then. Plus your feet will
swell a bit.

7. If you are short like me bring something to prop
your feet up on. Plane seats are made for men or women
with long legs so your back and bum can feel strained
if you are short.

8. Even if its a hot day - chances are that up in the air
it will be super chilly. Sometimes airplanes run out
of blankets...and they are becoming especially stingy these
days. So, bring something to bundle up in.

9. Dont wear makeup ! Bring sheet masks or something
to refresh your face. You can carry tiny things of foundation etc
in your carry on to put on before you land. Noone expects you to
look like a model 1 billion miles off of land.

10. Bring entertainment. Some planes also have ipod chargers
so check online seat review websites like etc.

11. Using websites like the previously mentioned one -
you can figure out which seats are the best and which
are the worst esp if you are in Coach. You dont want to be
in front of the kitchen as you cant recline back. 15 hours
& 100 % upright. Not fun - Trust me !

12. Study/Read - Use this time to study the language of the
place you are going to or read a travel guide of the
country. This will get you excited and make you feel
that the long plane ride is worth it because you have so much
waiting for you. Or just read normal books for fun : )

Going to Shanghai & Korea

So, I only have a few weeks until I arrive in Shanghai !
Eek !
You would never think that Im terrified of flying
because Im always dying to travel somewhere.
Sigh. 15 hours alone on a plane.
It will be worth it in the end !
Well, if you guys have any recommendations
for fun spots in Shanghai or Seoul please let me know.
If you have any video requests also let me know !
I will be filming and taking photos as usual.
Im so excited of the things I will be able to capture
with my camera ! Im going to Shanghai on April 26 :)
Oh - Im also planning to meet up with charlycheer from
Youtube in Korea ! That should be fun <3

Lita Lustttt

I really want a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas
'Clothesencounters' on youtube made me obsessed
Ughh they make every outfit look great.
They have that high fashion quality to them
but they also make outfits seem more edgy.
I feel like shirleybeniang or beautycrush
would own them.
Do you guys have any J. Campbell shoes ?
I like that they arent ridiculously
priced... like over 300 or something.
They are pricey for shoes but
not completely outrageous.
Hm...maybe someday : )

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do it Nude

Top Shop - Big Smoke

I cant get enough of beige right now. 
With the wrong shade you
can come off with sort of mannequin hands
but... there are so many to choose from.
You can get a more brownish one
or a more lightish one 
depending on your skin tone.
It matches any outfit and looks
great especially when you
wear pastel, springy colors.
It looks edgy in a simple way 
because its so different.

My fav right now is by Models Own
" Nude Beige "

Friday, April 1, 2011

Recommendations for Boredom

Here are 3 random things I recommend you to check out !

First - If you havent already checked out Beauty Crush on Youtube
then check her out ! She is so cute and makes fun tutorials : )
I like how fashionable she is & I love that she makes lookbook vids.
She makes me want to go to England right now and shop !

Second - Eat Pray Love

Yes I am extremely late but its fine with me. I have seen the film
loads of times but I was still interested in reading the book.
This is a rare occasion. I usually do the opposite.
But, I am about 3/4 done the book and I highly recommend it.
There is so much advice, good points and interesting
things to ponder in it. The way to have a truly happy
and peaceful life comes from within and this is what
the book explores.  I love how its broken up into
parts as well. You will see : )

Third - Secret Garden ( Korean Drama)

I dont want to say too much as you should see for yourself.
But, its such a fun and different drama. I shouted at the
screen, cried, laughed, got excited and gasped
over the episodes. I am currently on the last ep
and I cant wait to see how its gonna end...though I
dont quite want it to be over : (
P.S I watch it on dramacrazy