Friday, September 24, 2010

I love Minjis Hair ~ !

I just watched the Inkigayo Stage of 
2NE1 on youtube and in "Cant Nobody"
Minjis hair was so freaking cool !
It makes me want to get purple clip in
hair extensions for fall.
I think it would give my black hair some edge.
Woohoo. Gonna look em up on ebay.

I dont dont want them to be
plastic looking...Hmm lets see what I can find. 

These seem to be good because they are human hair
which means you can style them and even dye them
a different purple shade if you want.
But, there isnt much hair so you might have to order
2 sets if you want a good bit of purple.
Remember - if you see in the description
that its only 30 grams then its really not much
hair at all.

I may just stick to one set as I just want it on the
bottom layers like Minji.

I think places like Hot Topic
would have similar ones as well. 

So, yeah have a look around ebay or whatever
and see what you can find ! : ) 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weight Loss

Hello !
So, I started kickboxing classes a few weeks ago 
& I've lost a few pounds.
I've also cut most dairy, sugar 
out of my diet. 
I am a vegetarian btw. 
I eat fruit for breakfast every morning 
& Im trying to eat mostly whole foods.
I exercise every other day. 
Its not good to exercise vigorously every single 
day because the muscles need to repair themselves.
When I dont go to kickboxing I do Tae Bo.
I found it online for free !

I will share it with you guys :

I do the first one - the Cardio one.
Its quite similar to my aerobic kick boxing class.
You have to download the Veoh Player thingy
But, it takes like 2 seconds and you can get 
full length videos !!! 

Other days when Im feeling sluggish I'll try Yoga 
here :

Or I'll just dance in my room like a crazy person

Current Playlist for Psychotic Dancing :

Dj's got us falling in love - Usher

Clap your hands - 2NE1

California Girls - Katy Perry 

Bulletproof (Tiborg Club Remix) - La Roux

Whip my hair - Willow Smith 

Call on me - Eric Pridz

Only girl in the world - Rihanna

Boom Boom Boom - Tabia ft. Nathy Boss 

Go dance in your room whenever 
possible. Its free & fun ! 

If you guys really hate working out 
or doing exercise -you should definitely 
check out Zumba. 
Its amazingly fun !
Its pretty much dancing to awesome music 
but you are also burning lots of calories ! 
They have classes everywhere now
or you can just look it up on Youtube 
or something.

Join this site :
to track your weight loss,
calories and exercise. Very helpful !

Check out this youtube Channel 

The Plan

Also - my first goal is to lose about 
10 - 12 pounds by Halloween.
Thats like less than 2 pounds per week.
Anyone else care to join me ?
The only thing you have to do is think 
about what you typically eat in a day.
Then figure out where you can cut 500 calories
per day. If you do taebo for 1 hr you will burn
a few hundred calories. 

Join a exercise class. Gyms sometimes
can be boring. Exercise classes like
Aerobics or dance classes are 
more motivating and fun. 

Just do some research
& you can still eat what you like, just less. 
Dropping sweet drinks helped me to 
lose 10 pounds without even exercising!
I only drink water now. 

Make sure you are being smart though.
Sugar will turn into fat & fast food is just
2 steps backwards.

Let me know if you wanna do this
10-12 pound loss by Halloween thing : ) 
Thats like 5 Kilograms.  
Maybe we can have a little contest.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to go to Japan & Korea for Cheap

I've been wanting to make a video of this sort
for a while. But, I didnt think it would fit
into my kawaii nails channel. Now that I have
a channel that I feel gives me more freedom
I can talk about this.

I know many of my readers or subscribers are
into asian culture.

Many of them have not gone for various reasons.

But, Im here to tell you that its totally possible
& you dont have to spend an arm & a leg.

Here is part 1 talking mostly about accommodation
which is what eats up a huge majority of ones
money, normally. Why not save your money for
more important things like sightseeing ?

Monday, September 6, 2010

I Love Asian Face Masks


Nothing cheers you and your face up
more than a nice mask ! 
It gives your skin an extra
boost while you lay and relax...
or multi task on the

Here are a couple of
my favs :


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall Polish Favs + Trends

So from viewing this video you might be 
thinking like "Huh? So all colors are in style for 
fall 2010?" But, basically my point is to wear
what you want ! Muted tones are always 
great since it will match the dim atmosphere 
brought on by colder times.
Greys, Beiges, Browns, Purples 
are very popular this year.
But, MAC has a FALL 2010 line of 
polishes out which includes Orange !
So, there are no rules this fall or EVER 

Just have fun.

Enjoy !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Fall Haul

So I got 3 Mac products today. 
I rarely go in that store because
I always want everything & then
I end up spending way too much
on things I dont really need . . . 
But anyway - 

The first thing I got is a Nail Polish 
Its called Jade Dragon and its soo pretty !
Its a bit glittery. 
Great for fall !  

I also got a Superslick Liquid Eye liner.
I have the gray-ish one called
"Marked for Glamour" I love the unique 
color. I was tempted to get the black instead
but I decided that since I already have a lot of
Black liquid liners by other brands I'd try this.
This is with the Fabulous Feline's
collection. The pigments in this collection
& are gorgg. I didn't get any though.
I swatched this liner & tried to rub 
it off my hand after a few seconds 
and it would not budge ! The tip is
flexible. Love it !

I also got a nice pink lipstick since I want to do
a smokey eye with my new liner. 
Light pinks always go well with smokey eyes.
I chose Snob.

I also got a pore minimizing essence
by Shiseido.
Ive tried this before & it realllly works.
Ive tried a few different brands 
that target large pores. 
But, I think this is the best one
I've tried so far.  There is a noticeable 
change once you use it for about a week
or 2 & it doesnt make me break out. 
Fall is the time where tans wear off
and the blemished skin underneath 
shows through & becomes
more apparent.  Eek ! 

The last thing I picked up was a Magazine.
I have never actually bought this particular 
one before because it always looked so boring.
I usually only buy Nylon and sometimes Sugar.
But the cover caught my eye
and I flipped through it & really wanted it. 
Plus - I love the Olsen Twins style. 
Its still a bit too "adult-ish" & ad-ridden for me.
But, theres a lot of products in there that
have caught my eye & now I want to try em!
I really want the new
Maybelline lip stains - I saw the ads 
in there. We dont have em here : ( 

Nail Talk . . .

Nails actually need a lot more hydration than your skin.
Using any type of oil or natural cuticle cream will help you a lot.
If you have watched my "How to get Long Nails" video
you will see that I include Cuticle Cream & Hand Cream.
This is not only for my cuticles or hands but for my 
nails also.  

Also - I accidently painted my nails this weekend
with a Green Color by OPI called "Gargantuan Green Grape"
WITHOUT using a basecoat. I dont know how I forgot that.
I was rushing & not paying attention . . . 
But, now my nails are stained a bit yellow & look horrible.

So, I have been leaving my nails unpolished this week 
so they can recouperate.  Im going to do my whitening
treatment often.

Base Coat is suppperrr important especially with those
super pigmented or dark colors.  I always use at least
2 coats of Basecoat - sometimes 3. It helps the polish to go on
nice and smooth & if you are using a strengthening one (which you should be)
then its helping your nails not to break also. Before applying basecoat
I prep the nails using a 4 sided buffer ( 10 swipes for each side) 

If you have super dry, brittle nails even with a 
nail strengthener & even after applying Vitamin E oil or
other things  - then look at your diet.

Are you eating well ? Or are you eating lots of
processed, fake, salty crap ? If you dont have
adequate vitamins  in your body - how can it
repair itself ? 

Eat vegetables and fruit everyday - & if you are
lazy just throw a bunch of shredded carrot, 
banana, pineapple in a blender for example
and there you go.

Just stick to whole foods - Im trying not to eat any junk !