Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I do when Im bored

Here are a few blogs I read regularly :
(Hilariousssss ! Check it out)
(Gyaruuu stuff, j-mag scans)
(Classy Fashionista with fun posts)
(Asian Product Reviews Galore)

Here are a list of my Fav youtube channels.
I didnt put the obvious ones like michellephan
& communitychannel but I love those of course.

Korean Food Recipes:

Cool Japanese Lady doing unique makeup:

Adorable British  Girl doing beauty vids:

Crazy fun woman doing not so great makeup tuts
but gives good advice for life!

Girly Gyaru Sewing Tutorials:

Fun sewing videos and other creative beauty stuff:

Current Fav Youtube Channel :

Im addicted to the BeautyQQ channel.
I love her ! The problem is she only speaks
Cantonese in her vids and doesnt always
have english annotations. Her acne vid
does have a lot of eng though which is great.
But, somehow I still love watching her videos
even without the subititles.
She uses like a million products
and recommends laser treatments & boy
does her skin thank her. It just inspires me
to do more masks and take better care of myself.

My next holiday Im going to get either
a laser treatment or chemical peel
done on my face so I can finally kiss these
darn scars goodbye.

Alsooo - check out my Favorites listed on
my Channel. I add to them often.
You will see some fun stuff there such as
adorable decos, recipes, skin care and other
useful & fun stuff to pass the time.


Besides blogs and youtube - I watch Korean Dramas on or

Movies I watch here :

I recommend "Changing Partners" if
you havent seen it.

Great Movie !

My Top 5 Asian Movies
in no particular order are :

Shutter ( you can find this in my YT favs)

Tada Kimi Woh Aishiteru ( Heavenly Forest)

Maundy Thursday aka
Our Happy Time

My Love

Changing Partners

(Some of these can be
found on other sites or youtube.
Google them ^ ^ )

I lovvee watching dramas on
viikii or dramacrazy. 
OH how I miss Crunchyroll...
Leave me a comment if you
miss the old Crunchroll days... 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dolly Wink Nail Polish

If you are into asian stuff then you probably
know about Dolly Wink lashes. For
those that dont know they are perfectly
packaged pricey lashes for girls dying to
look more big eyed, cute or gyaru-ish.
They have lashes for top and bottom as well
as eye liner and other things.
I totally love the packaging. They couldnt
have marketed it better. Esp since that
dolly look is so in right now.

Now, they have come along with
some nail polishes & wanna get some
so much !! Even tho I dont need em...
The colors look like nothing super special
But, when I saw a pic of the colors on...
I just fell in love with the fresh brightness
the pastel colors have.

You can buy them on !
You can find the lashes by the way at
as well as ebay and tons of other places.
Im curious to see what the formula of
these are like.Do they take forever to dry..etc.
Love the colors,love the packaging &

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asian Beauty Products

I have heard lots of people mention, &
which have all the popular asian skin care products.
But never bought anything from them.
I always found it annoying that everything was so overpriced compared
to if you get it straight from Japan, Korea China etc.
But, I guess they have to make a profit.
Finally I gave in & bought some random items that I have been
wanting for a while. I got them from
I spent a total of 90 $ including shipping but that was for
27 items. Not Bad !

I will share a few things I ordered:

1. The Face Shop
BLACK HEAD EX Nose Clay Mask
Picture a Biore Pore strip except you put it wherever you want.
Its a clay mask consistency at first but then you peel it off.
Peeling from the bottom upwards,the gunk is supposed to come out also.
Catalina from youtube has a review on it :

Also got similar products by Shills, Pinkey, Naris Up -- all blackhead
masks that peel off. Cant wait to try them ~ !

2. Kai Mascara Guard

I saw BeautyQQ on youtube post something about a similar product
So, I really wanted to try it. Kai has lots of interesting beauty gadgets.
This is supposed to shield your lids from any slips of your hand
while applying mascara. I think it also helps to de-clump and apply the
mascara better ? Not sure.
I also got the false lash applicator from Sasa.

3. Dariya Hair Magic Sheet

The famous clip-less Hair pusher-backers.
I got them in pink & black. (2 in a pack)
The lovely stylesuzi on youtube as well as lots of other
makeup gurus use them.

4. Mandom Corp
Green Tea Facial Wash

xxpinkxx on her blog
recommended the 'Mandom Charcoal Facial Wash'
But I couldnt find it on sasa. I believe its on though.
I found this Green Tea one I decided to try it instead.
I bought about 5 different blackhead extraction related charcoal products
on this order so I think Ill do just fine with the green tea face wash.
Eeek...Just tryin to get rid of these darn things & decided to try
as many blackhead masks I could find. Haha !

5. Kose - SOFTYMO Deep Cleansing Oil

I cant remember who recommended this but I know
oils of all sorts do a great job at removing makeup thoroughly.
Cleansing Oils are really popular right now.
So hopefully I wont be dissapointed !
Apparently this is very effective and non greasy.
Note* This is not meant to be used as a face wash.
You still have to follow this product with whatever
face wash you choose : )

Oh yeah & you guys know I also love to make my own beauty concoctions right ?
So I got a couple of empty spray bottles and pump bottles on sasa.
Im thinking of picking some aloe outside of my house and making a
pore serum from scratch ! Lord knows I need it : )

To make this semi nail related. They do have cute glitters and
a small selection of deco pieces on the site.
I chose this one to try :

They also have cuticle stuff, hand and feet lotion and some is even in clearance : )

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feet Feet Feet ~ ~

We are all wearing flip flops and sandles right now.
Its hot and I hate it ! Haha...
But, we gotta keep our feet looking good.
I have been noticing a lot of people
especially MEN walking around with horribly cracked heels and
unkept toessss !
Please help your guy friends girls : )
Now, the basic things you should do is :

1. Soak your feet once a week in Epsom Salt
or Johnsons Foot Soak in a basin of very warm

2. Take a pumice foot board (preferably
the type you can wash and reuse and
keeps its rough grit)

Get in the habit of buffing away at your feet
at least once a week. Do it while you wait for
your deep conditioner to sink in or your
face masks. This helps you to remember.
Its much easier to do it regularly instead of
waiting for a build up of hard skin.

3. Purchase or make a foot cream.
Most of them out there are thick and get the job done.
You can get cheap ones like Sally Hansen or more
luxury ones like l'occitane.
Most of them that I have tried do a great job
at melting away any dryness you may
have had on your feet, leaving them looking
10 times better. I mostly use this one :

If you wanted to make your own I'd
suggest using Shea Butter as your main
ingredient. It works wonders ~!

4. When you use foot creams one option is
to buy special pedi socks to lock in all that moisture
while you sleep. If its summer time you dont
wanna be wearing thick gym socks so you might
want to try something like these from Body Shop:

5. I love to use my homemade cuticle butter because
the skin around my toe nails gets really dry.
This stuff instantly turns from a solid into a liquid and
sinks into my thirsty skin.

So remember - dont wait for your
feet to look horrible. Upkeep them
so that you wont have
cracked heels and dry
feet : )