Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nail Color Gradiation

I first saw this technique done
on my Korean Friends nails.
Its becoming really popular everywhere.
It looks great on short or long nails.
This is my first try at it. 

What you need:

3 or 4 shades of the same color.
1 light/sheer. 1 medium. 1 dark. 
1 sparkly one (optional) 

Im using pink 
But you can use yellow,green, blue,black
Whatever you want ! 

How to do it : 

1. Cover the nail in the light shade. 
Do a second coat.

2. Mix the light shade with your medium shade. 
Do this in a plastic plate or whatever you have. 
Use the medium shade brush to mix and apply. 
Start in the middle of your nail and brush up.
You want to be able to see the light shade 
at the bottom 

3. Grab your medium shade and put some
on the top part of your nail so that you can
still see some of the light/medium mix.
Basically you are just painting lines of 
different shades on your nail 
to make that fading effect. 

4. Next Grab your dark shade. Paint the very
top of your nail tip. This is the smallest layer. 

5. You can now add a sparkly color on
your nail or leave it plain.

6. Add 2 coats of top coat to make it 
nice and gloss

Done ! 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to get Healthy Nails that grow

So you want to have stronger or longer nails ?

Well first - If you bite your nails...stop ! 
You will never see any growth if you dont.
Saliva makes the skin near your nail all raised and nasty looking.
I know its hard if its a habit. But get over it !  

Second - Eat well  Lots of veggies and fruit will help. 
Try a Hair Nails Skin vitamin as well.  
I drink 5 drops of Vitamin E Oil Daily
 Check any pharmacy. 

Third - Use a Nail Strengthener. 

Some examples below:

Alrighty. Now that we have that sorted.

How to maintain Nails.

You will need :

4 Sided Nail Buffer
I got mine from Body Shop.
Each side serves a different purpose
Go in the same direction
10 times
on each side of the buffer.

Cuticle Cream
If you cant find the Burts Bees try the one Below.
I love the Burts bees one so much. The smell
is addictive. 
This one is Sally Hansen maximum growth cuticle pen


Base & Top Coat

 To protect your nail
and your nail polish


Alright. Now you have your tips and tools.
Dont despair. You will see results in 1 month
I broke a nail in Japan and then put a fake nail on my pointer.
 I can tell you that in a week I already could
 notice growth.
 I didnt even have any of my nail care products with me!
So try these tips & enjoy buying
lots of nail polish for your new lovely nails : ] 

Neon Love

I like this look  ! 
Her 5 fingers are all different neon colors.
All you need for this is a coulple coats of base coat to
 make it nice and shiny since only part of
 your nail will have color.
Then just put a piece of tape covering 2/3 of 
your nail so that a bare tip is showing.
Paint each tip a different neon color
or if you only have say 2 neon polishes - alternate
 them ! 
Summery and Cool ! 

Black & Yellow

What you need :

Black Nail Polish
Yellow Nail polish or some type of bright color.
Top & Base Coat

I alternated the black and the yellow.
My thumbs are different colors. 
So one hand has  3 yellow nails and the
other has 3 black nails

Fun ! Simple and Cute.

Use any bright color you want
& Add black dots on top.
Finished !