Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Nails Pt 7

Korean Foods I crave...

So, my list used to be quite extensive.
My all time fav was Tang su Yook which is deep fried
pork with veggies in a sweet sauce.
However, I no longer eat meat. I do still eat seafood though.
If you are a pescatarian like me or just dont like to eat
much meat I just thought I'd share a few
Korean foods that I love to eat.
I cant wait to have these things in Seoul !
I really dont know how to accurately explain
the tastes if you havent tried korean food before.
If you haven't I strongly recommend you check out
a place near you or..the next time you go to an area 
that has one !


If you are a meat lover try bulgogi, pork bone soup, 
or tangsuyook for your first time : ) 
These are tasty things that arent too unusual.

1. Dwenjjang Chigae

Heart Warming, flavourful soup.
Very filling and yummy.
It might take some getting used to as it 
is made with a slightly pungent fermented
soy bean paste but I love it.

2.  Tuna Kimbap

Kimbap is basically korean sushi. Except the fillings are 
quite different. Many times they are filled with meats that 
can be sitting out in the sun for a while.
 Compared to how in Japan sushi is often made with
 raw fish & must be kept chilled.
The reason is that many older women sell these all day
 on the sidewalk. They sometimes have ham inside.
 I prefer tuna.
I like to dip these in ddukbokki sauce ! 

3. Ddukbokki

Ddukbokki is basically thick rice cakes.
Its simmered in spicy red pepper sauce
with fish cake and eggs. 
The texture might take some getting used to
but its truly a staple street food. 
Its so fun to eat this in tent restaurants.

4. Grilled Mackrel

I love korean style grilled mackerel. Its so perfectly
crispy and tasty. I like to dip mine in some 
red pepper paste and eat it with white rice.

5. Hoddeuk

Omggg - I love this so much.
Its a dessert that you find on the streets in Korea.
Its filled with brown sugar and crushed up nuts.
The outside is a crispy dense yummy pastry.
Its so freaking delicous.
Good news - you can buy a packaged mix online.

You can actually make all of these things at home
by ordering some ingredients on the internet
and by following aeriskitchen or maangchi on

Lip Items that Im loving

This is the EOS Lipbalm in summer fruit. I LOVE IT
If you havent tried EOS Lipbalms - get someee.
Gosh my lips were so dry before getting these...
and instantly 1 day after they were super smooth.
This one as well as the Honeydew one smell
soooooooo good.
I love the unique shape as well.
Love love love. Im addicted
to applying this. 

This is a Matte lipstick by Revolon in the color
"Stormy Pink" 
Its a lovely muted fuschia/pink.
It doesnt go on too bright or too sheer.
It gives a slight pop of color that
can match many skin tones I feel.
Its a great alternative to the 
ever so popular nudes/baby pinks.
Its matte but it isnt too drying.
Its quite smooth as well.

Here we have the Follow me Tint by
 Etude House
Its super glossy when you first apply it.
Once the gloss wears off the tint remains.
If you havent seen this before - it looks
blue in the tube but goes on pinkish.
At first I thought it was just another 
pink gloss & although gorgeous on the
 lips - I didnt expect it to last.
But I was wrong. It lasts for hours !
I even got a shower once and it was
still there after I got out ! 

Here I am with the follow me tint on

Monday, March 14, 2011

Taking the Edge off...

So, if you have ever tried to lose weight and wonder why its so hard...
Chances are you are either not exercising enough or eating too much.
I know you are thinking 'Well, obviously'. But let me continue...
If you look at for ex. a 1300 calorie a day meal plan it really isnt much food.
So, you might be thinking you dont eat a lot .. but chances are you are
eating just a bit too much to be losing anything. You might be eating
to the point of just maintaining your weight ... not gaining and not losing. 
You can google 1300 calorie meal plans etc but basically the point is
to eat lots of fresh veggies, brown rice, some fish and that sort of thing. 
Im trying to do this at the moment. 
You have probably heard a million times that people say it better to eat
many small meals during your day rather than 2-3 big ones. 
I finally see what they mean.
For example today I had a green smoothie for breakfast - meaning
you put leafy greens of your choice with fruit in a blender. 
Then I put some large strawberries in a bag and brought them to work.
I ate them around 10:30. I also really love red, orange and yellow peppers
cut up into sticks for a snack. Fruit tends to make me hungry faster
so Im gonna explore other snack options. 
But, when lunch comes Im not starving for food.
I noticed that when Im to the point of being super hungry - I always
reach for the more tasty, less healthy options - and more of it. 

Having a mid morning snack 'takes the edge off' and makes 
me choose healthier options. Without hunger pangs I can
think more clearly and logically and I dont crave naughty things as much.
Later around 3 pm I have another small, healthy snack such as whole grain
crackers with hummus or something. So, this takes the edge off before dinner.

People tend to eat their most heavy meal in the evening.
What do you do when you go home or to a restaurant ?
Usually nothing ! Especially if you are home - most people eat a
large dinner & then sit and watch T.V or go on their computers until bedtime. 
At least at work or school you are moving around a bit. 
Therefore, the snack makes you eat less dinner.
Also - try to eat dinner as early as possible.
I know its a cultural and traditional thing to eat around 7ish but 
the earlier the better.
This way your body has time to digest your dinner and its less likely
that you will gain weight.  Think about it this way - Sumo Wrestlers get big 
fast because they eat & sleep right after eating. So, yeah ! 
Smaller meals throughout the day and eating dinner early
is what Im trying to do lately. Oh - and going to the gym at least 3 
times a week for an hour  + each time : ) 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Illamasqua Nail Polish

I just love this color ! 
Its called Purity by Illamasqua.
Its from the Toxic Nature Collection.
It has not yet been released but
its a must have shade for spring !
Its a lovely pastel peachy/orange.
Of course you dont have to get this brand
but I realllly want it when it 
comes out !  Unfortunately its not 
sold here : (  Lighter colors like
this might not work on super
pale skin tones so you can just
hold your hand up next to the 
polish to see if it would suit you
or not. I think it would 
go great with warm skintones.
Im obsessed with colors
like this these days !

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cute Packing Method

So, in Asia, they have the cutest ... 
well ... EVERYTHING.
Instead of having silver and boring
mundane kitchen items you can get  
for example - cute, pink, lovely ones. 
They have amazing packaging for the 
most random beauty products and 
everything we have...they seem
to make it better, cuter and its always
cheaper ! Gosh I just love it !
So, I found another thing
that is so cute, makes so much sense
and of course is Korean.

Look at the way some girls pack :

Isnt it so adorable !?
Some ppl put their items into little 
vinyl bags. Usually you buy them in a set 
in Korea which comes in diff sizes...
big ones for pants and tops and 
smaller ones
for bits and bobs. 

First the roll up their tees and pants
and then they pop them into the
bags so that everything is organized.

They also have drawstring bags for 

shoes which is so smart as shoes have 
a ridiculous amount of yucky dirt on them. 
You wouldn't wanna just throw them
in with your undies and clothing. Of 
course you can just use normal 
plastic bags but these are sooo cute.