Friday, August 7, 2009

Love your nails ! Keep them Healthy !

Have you tried to cut your own hair by your self or

bite your fingernails?

Hair and nails are made of the same protein that is 

called keratin. 

It has a very strong structure which is why you 

need special tools to cut them properly. 

Nails are a part of your skin & they protect the

fingers from  injury.

Nails grow on top of the fingers & toes, and healthy nails

are usually pinkish. Pink nails means the body not only

has a rich blood supply, 

but also it's in good health. 

Nails should not be bitten but trimmed neatly 

about once a month. Do not let them grow too long.

Many people suffer from brittle nails that break easily.

You should eat high-quality protein foods

such as nuts and seeds.

To keep healthy nails, people should keep in mind that

proper nutrition and adequate

vitamins and minerals guarantee smooth and firm nails.

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