Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fake Konad Products

If you have bought a Konad Nail Stamping system
& cant seem to get the design to transfer
on to your nails or onto the rubber stamper
then you may have a fake.

There are ways to prevent buying fakes.

But, there are also ways to get your 'fauxnad'
to work. 

First I will share with you this video that gives
a lot of insight into the Konad fakes.
Its really interesting !

Trouble Shooting for Fakes : 
In order to get the polish to transfer to your rubber stamper 
you should use a rough nail file and buff the rubber until it looks
a bit distressed. This helps a lot ! 
If its still not working buff at it some more. 
The only problem with this is that eventually 
your stamper will be buffed all away. 

Buy the real thing at :

Also check out this blog for awesome
konad nail art designs :

Oh & by the way - I also own a fake Konad system.
Im planning to buy a real one soon.
I got a set from Korea . . . should have known : ) 

Here is an old video of me using my fauxnad. 

If you dont own a Konad Nail 
stamping system 
I totally recommend it.
It makes life a lot easier
especially if you have trouble 
doing nail art with your non-dominant 
hand. There are soo many
plates with endless designs
to choose from. 
Awesomeness  I tell you. 

Happy Stamping ! 


  1. very informative i loved reading this post :) also love the barbie inspired konad!

  2. omg i seriosly like love you your amazing

    -future klovespolish9