Monday, November 1, 2010

2NE1 New MV / Dinner

2NE1's new music video ! The title in Korean is  아파 (Apa) 
"Apa" means hurts basically...
If you have a headache you would say Mauri (head) Apa (hurts) 
It was released on their youtube channel yesterday.
Very halloween-esque. 
Also has a bit of a japanese feel to it.

Here is a site where you can find lots of korean lyrics
translated into english :

Although Daras vocals arent that strong and she is one of the 
weakest dancers of the group she has a lot of charm and is 
good at acting
: ) 

What do you think of Dara ?

In other random news Im going to be making this for
dinner tonight :

I have all of these ingredients in my kitchen at the moment
so I thought I might as well make it ! 

I have a couple pics below.
I made it exactly like aeriskitchen but I added
a touch of nutmeg, red pepper powder and
other random spices. I go by taste ! 
I put the yummy soup in my fav bowl, which I painted myself. 
This is a perfect dinner for fall. 


  1. i personally think that bom is the weakest dancer but the best singer and dara is more just...average compared to cl and minji

  2. yeah u are probably right about boms dancing :p
    dara learns much faster but they are both average at
    dancing i guess