Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Nail Art Pt. 1

Hello Everyone !
So, I know you have
probably seen most of these designs
if you watch my youtube channel.
But, I thought I would put the pictures
on my blog so that you can save them
or put them on your site if you wish.
You can click them if you want
to see them larger

Anyway, here is the first lot : 

dolly wink inspired nails

edgy black nails

glam pink french nails

glitter leopard nails

funky london inspired nails 

pastel zebra + skull nails

ocean gradiation nails

vintage flower nails

tokyo glam nails

grey zebra print nails

pastel leopard nails

water marble nails 
rocker princess nails


  1. Wow i Love love love everything what you did =D great job ^^ going to follow you !


  2. I LOVE the vintage flowers!!
    You've done a tute on this? I really want to try this out!

  3. I love all your designs, thank you so much for posting =D. Can you do a post on where you get your nail supplies from like gems/glitter etc x

  4. thanks elisa !! : )
    and yes ash-lilly i do ! click the youtube icon above
    to go find it ^ ^
    and imo - thanks so much
    i get all my gems from
    or from my local beauty supply store
    the glitters are from japan or korea :p

  5. I Love the dolly wink !! thank you so much for posting : ))
    your nails are acrylic ?

  6. Zahra i really love your nail art! i just had to try the rose nail art please have a look:

  7. Super cute! I absolutely LOVE polka dots... and bows.

  8. And the Tokyo Glam ones are great, too! I like them all tbh. But those two are my faves ^_^

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