Friday, February 18, 2011

What I hate about me

Have you guys ever seen the show "What I hate about me " ?
It comes on the Style network and is pretty interesting.
Basically whoever is chosen to be on the show lists I think
10 things they dislike about themselves and the show
actually helps them to fix the issue. So it could be
stained teeth, wrinkles, scars etc etc.
The thing I like about it is that every single thing
that the person didn't like about themselves is completely
transformed by the end of the show.
10 things might be a lot for some people...perhaps
you have around 5 things you wish you could change.

But, when I think about it - most things we dislike
about ourselves are cosmetic things...therefore
we can change them if we really want to. It
just usually takes money unfortunately...

I've began the process of thinking of how to
change the things I dislike about myself.
The main thing is my skin - not just my face.
I have lots of scars on my legs as well.
Ive ordered a couple of Murad products to
try and help with the facial scars.
One product was the Post Acne Scar Lightener.
It was 60 bucks so I HOPE it works !
I will show all the stuff I got to help with my
scars once they arrive.

I decided to list 5 things I want to change about
myself :

1. Facial Scars - Glycolic Acid, AHA, Vitamin E Oil,
Scar Creams, Lemon etc
Later I will try Microdermabrasion or Laser

2. Leg scars - Some sort of chemical peel or cream
with Glycolic Acid

3. Weight - Exercise like crazy, Eat Healthy,
Do a Juice Feast, Drink WATER & no junk !

4. Large Pores on cheeks - continue with temporary pore
creams but eventually get some sort of treatment
from the dertmatologist

5. Hairiness: Wax ( EEK ) or Laser Treatments

The thing is - of course
Ive been trying to improve these
things for years. But, I've
been trying cheap products or
shortcut methods that
dont really really change
the problem completely. I do love my Vichy stuff though
but the Korean lotions and stuff for 6 $ or whatever
really didnt
help me at all. The skincare items I really love from
Etude House
is the AC Clinic Toner & Blackhead Bond Patches.
So, Im gonna kick everything up a notch and hope to see
some improvement over the next few months.

I tag you all to write your things below and also
you can fix them ! Make this your year
to be happy ! You can write as many as you wish.
( You can write them Annonomously if you want ^ ^ )

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