Tuesday, July 12, 2011

London Bound

Got my ticket today : ) I opted for the Economy plus class
on British Airways. Its one class above regular coach.
Apparently the seats are better and you have a bit more leg room.
The ticket was a chunk higher than economy but ... I wanna try it out.
The flight is around 7 hrs & since its running me approx. the price
of what I'd spend to go to Asia, I decided to just go with the upgrade.
I justify things really weird in my head haha. I decided since Ive paid 
this much for a regular economy ticket before that its okay to get
the economy plus for that amount. My ticket was about $1400.
Theres a direct flight from Bermuda to London. Regular economy was 
about $900 something. Leaving September. One way ticket.
Are any of you guys in the UK ? Let me know what some cool spots 
are ! Not looking forward to the weather haha


  1. I actually lived in London for 3 years with my dad! but now back in Holland ^^ You definitely have to go to primaarkkk!!! i wish you the best of luck in London xxx

  2. How long are you staying? You should definitely try to get to either Scotland or Wales for the scenery and Blackpool for a theme park :)

  3. at least 3 years ! all the uk youtube girls made me really excited about primark ! really wanna go ! okay i will check out those other areas too , thanks !

  4. are you planning to go back to bermuda when you finished school??

  5. im hoping to stay in the uk...if i like it i'd like to settle down there since its easy for bermudians to do so... but i will come back to bermuda if i dont have much luck finding a job

  6. I live in Bristol (England), but I go to london often :)
    Make sure you visit China-town, Harrods, trocadero and camden market.

  7. Okay thanks ! Will do ! Which part of london is china town in ?

  8. It's between the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square underground stations :) you can easily find it from either station. Mr Panda's is the best store there (it has purikura machines and lots of cute items) but there are also several asian-food supermarkets there.

  9. yeah visit China town and oxford street there's a massive Primark there and H&M's too


  10. OMG thanks so much ! I cant wait to get my purikura on ! : ) Im excited about H&M and Primark ! I feel like Ive been living in the dark for so long lol !