Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello !

Im in LOVE with London. There are always so many lovely things to see,
do and BUY. Oh god, its so easy to go broke here. Your money goes so fast.
Especially since Bermuda's money is worth the same as American dollars. The pound
just killllssss me. I have been here for 10 months now. Time has flown by. Its actually
insane ! British people are so kind... the city feels a lot calmer and more civilised
compared to some other big cities Ive been to. People don't even honk their horns if you
J-Walk  most of the time & say sorry for things that aren't their fault ! Lol !

My mom and grandma are visiting me...They are leaving tomorrow actually
It was fun while they were here. Im not sure when the next time is
Ill be going to Bermuda is. Its weird. When I was in Canada, I was always dying
to go back to Bermuda for a trip but now... London seriously just feels so 
comfortable - like home. Im seriously considering living here for a long time. 

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