Friday, July 10, 2009

My Mac is Nail Polish Proof !

Um.. So I spilled Nail Polish on my 
beloved computer...

Once I did that with my old HP and
I put a little nail polish remover on a q tip 
and tried to rub it off and it
totally discolored the area.
Eek !!! But with this aluminum comp 

it worked like a charm. Horray ! 
I love you my darling mac.

P.S - Im in love with this new skin

I bought yesterday. Hot Pink with
a touch of Salmon. 


  1. Hi, I love your mac skin! could I ask how much you got it for, and where you got it from :D thanks!

  2. Hi ! Thanks ! Its by Speck and it was around $60 here.
    Im sure it would be cheaper in the U.S though : )