Friday, July 3, 2009

Zebra Nail Fun

I felt like doing something summery 
and different.I have an addiction to
pink nails and wanted to break out
of that box for a moment. 
I used Yellow, Hot Pink,  Teal,
Orangey-Red & Taupe 
for the base colors.
You could try this with just
1 or 2 colors as well.

You could draw your own guide
or use this one roughly.

Draw these sort of lines in a miniature form
on your nail. Any combo of these lines
will come out looking good. 

I used a Black Nail polish with a
thin brush from Etude House on my 
left hand & after I filmed the
video I tried out a black from
Color Club on my right hand. 
It worked perfectly as well.
It had a long thin brush 
but I still felt like I could control
the lines.

Have fun !

Heres the video of me doing mine.
It was kind of difficult to show. 
Hope you can get it.
Once you start it becomes easier. 
Practice on paper first ! 

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