Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nail Dont #1

One important thing to remember is when using
 a 4 sided nail buffer or filer - try not to buff the top of your nail.
The first side of the nail buffer usually says
'Nail Edge' & thats all you should use that part for.
The other sides are less abrasive and are okay to use but be gentle.
The reason is that once that part of the nail grows out
and becomes the nail tip it will be brittle and weak because 
most of the top was buffed away.
The nail does not grow in thickness only length.
So what ever is buffed away from the top is just gone.
This is why I don't get gel nails often - because I would be 
using my natural nails, they buff away like crazy to the top
and then do all the lovely design.
But, once I removed the gel my nails looked like hell &
kept breaking until I got them to a stable point. 

Tip: When using a 4 sided buffer use each side 10 times for each nail
going in the same direction not back and forth 

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