Friday, July 30, 2010

Dolly Wink Nail Polish

If you are into asian stuff then you probably
know about Dolly Wink lashes. For
those that dont know they are perfectly
packaged pricey lashes for girls dying to
look more big eyed, cute or gyaru-ish.
They have lashes for top and bottom as well
as eye liner and other things.
I totally love the packaging. They couldnt
have marketed it better. Esp since that
dolly look is so in right now.

Now, they have come along with
some nail polishes & wanna get some
so much !! Even tho I dont need em...
The colors look like nothing super special
But, when I saw a pic of the colors on...
I just fell in love with the fresh brightness
the pastel colors have.

You can buy them on !
You can find the lashes by the way at
as well as ebay and tons of other places.
Im curious to see what the formula of
these are like.Do they take forever to dry..etc.
Love the colors,love the packaging &


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