Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feet Feet Feet ~ ~

We are all wearing flip flops and sandles right now.
Its hot and I hate it ! Haha...
But, we gotta keep our feet looking good.
I have been noticing a lot of people
especially MEN walking around with horribly cracked heels and
unkept toessss !
Please help your guy friends girls : )
Now, the basic things you should do is :

1. Soak your feet once a week in Epsom Salt
or Johnsons Foot Soak in a basin of very warm

2. Take a pumice foot board (preferably
the type you can wash and reuse and
keeps its rough grit)

Get in the habit of buffing away at your feet
at least once a week. Do it while you wait for
your deep conditioner to sink in or your
face masks. This helps you to remember.
Its much easier to do it regularly instead of
waiting for a build up of hard skin.

3. Purchase or make a foot cream.
Most of them out there are thick and get the job done.
You can get cheap ones like Sally Hansen or more
luxury ones like l'occitane.
Most of them that I have tried do a great job
at melting away any dryness you may
have had on your feet, leaving them looking
10 times better. I mostly use this one :

If you wanted to make your own I'd
suggest using Shea Butter as your main
ingredient. It works wonders ~!

4. When you use foot creams one option is
to buy special pedi socks to lock in all that moisture
while you sleep. If its summer time you dont
wanna be wearing thick gym socks so you might
want to try something like these from Body Shop:

5. I love to use my homemade cuticle butter because
the skin around my toe nails gets really dry.
This stuff instantly turns from a solid into a liquid and
sinks into my thirsty skin.

So remember - dont wait for your
feet to look horrible. Upkeep them
so that you wont have
cracked heels and dry
feet : )


  1. Does the cuticle butter work on fingernail cuticles too?

  2. yes it does
    thats actually what i created it for
    and then realized its great for my dry toes
    haha : )