Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holy [Insert Curse Word Here]

OMG !!!!!! I dont even know what to say 
HAHAHA !  I wonder this has something to do 
with the fact that Will I AM 
helped 2NE1 ... so he kinda got influenced 
by Korean culture & also I think the Producer is a
Korean-American. Hmm..well anyway this is so
freaking awesome. Koreannnnnn in a random
music video. Yay for that. 
Kinda reminds me how I almost died when I saw
Ameries awesome Korean Tattoo in her MV ^ ^ 
Yes I get overly excited about the most random things.
Anyway, I was just so surprised & wanted to share !


  1. hmmm i guess theres going to be an asian movement lol jk but that would be cool

  2. I expected anime and Japanese stuff from the behind the scenes footage before they uploaded the mv but I suppose it was that bad. Nicki's actually really beautiful imo and I actually am growing to love her stroke like faces.

    lol and yeah that's probably what it is.

  3. ameriie is korean