Thursday, June 30, 2011

Debbie Downers

You guys might have heard the phrase 'You are the average of the
people you hang around' The people you spend the most
time with, are the ones you are most likely to be influenced by. This
can be a positive thing or a negative thing.

In my life atm, many people I know do nothing but complain.They are depressed
all the time. Nothing ever goes their way. But, as I was telling my friend the other
day most times these things are their own fault. If you think about the times
that you failed in life in whatever way...usually the beginning, if you think back
was because you didnt go about it properly. Maybe you didnt study during the
school year, maybe you did bad stuff, maybe you just have the wrong attitude.

If you are the complainer - maybe look at the things you are complaining about
all the time, and figure out how to resolve them because clearly you arent happy !

A popular thing among my high school friends was to go to third world countries
to help build schools and to do other various tasks.I think these friends that complain
need to do these sorts of things, to get a different perspective on life.

I hope to find some uplifting young people when I move. There are so many
people in the world that just dont know how lucky they are ! Its such a luxury
to be 'bored' & complaining all the time.

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