Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snipppp Snip

Before I chemically straightened my hair (relaxed)  it took me ages to get the guts to 
 just go do it. Its the same with getting this hair cut that I want.
But, I think Im finally gonna go do it. My hair is such an awkward length.
Its not super short but its not long either. Here is a pic of my real hair when
I first got it relaxed: 

Thats why I always stick in my foxy locks extensions.
So bored of my hair ! I want a style...something cute and
slightly edgy. I need something to frame my face better...something just
grazing my shoulders. I think Im gonna go for the Jessie J bob : )
Its sort of a long bob with a full, deep fringe.
Thats how Im gonna explain it to my hairdresser.