Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stylesuzi, Britpopprincess etc ! (Blogger Event)

Omg you guys ! Yesterday I attended a blogger event called "Beauty and the Brain"
There was a panel discussion & britpopprincess, fashionrocksmysocks, stylesuzi
and wandesworld were up on stage answering questions. It was such a cool
experience & so amazing to see them in real life ! Not only that but we got to film all the
girls and interview them privately ! They were all so pretty & nice in real life.
They all spoke so well considering there were loads of people in the audience ! I would have
been soo scared ! There was a Q&A session with the audience as well and my coworker asked "What was the weirdest comment that you have received?" Their answers were quite funny !

There will be a video coming soon - ill post it later on :)

Who is your favourite UK youtuber  ?

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  1. I need some fun blogs to follow! suggestions?!