Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kawaii Nails Mag Stash

A great place to draw inspiration is from 
Japanese Nail Magazines.

Of course I cant read them but just seeing the 
pictures helps a lot ! They have photo tutorials
and lots of themes with millions of nail art pics by
different salons and random people. 

Here is where I get mine :


If you get it from Full Moon then you can 
also get cute deco pieces & rhinestones
at the same time. Have fun looking around ! 
The nail and deco mags are on Page 3 & 4 ! 

I recently purchased Nail Up July 2010
& S Cawaii July 2010 from the Ebay seller
Im just waiting for it to arrive.
Exciteeeeddddd !!!! 
I love S Cawaii for its fashion stuff : )
Always so cute !  

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