Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nail Art Ive Done Recently

I was inspired by CL's outfit in the old performance
'Please dont go'
I LOVE how they wear so much Jeremy Scott Stuff

I used tons of colors and it took forever !

I did film it but I dont know if its worth making a tut...


Simple Summer Nails

White background - OPI Alpine Snow &
OPI Black Onyx.
I dipped a match in the black and created the dots

(Click photo to enlarge if you cant see)


Rocker Princess
I used a Matte Black by Mac, OPI Alpine Snow
& a Hot Pink by Art Club

All I did was paint all the nails white except the ring
finger & using the matte black I carefully dragged it
across the nail to create the thick stripes.

For the lightning bolt I copied a pic on the internet
& used my hot pink with the thin brush to create it.


Muted Zebra - China Glaze Reycle &
Art Club Black for the Stripes.

I will do a tutorial soon on how to do
simple Zebra Nails.

I did these freehand with the thin black polish brush.


  1. I love the dots Definitly one I'm going to do these are all adorable :D

  2. I will be copying the dots and waiting patiently for the zebra tutorial. I LOVE LOVE the zebra nails. =)

  3. love your designs! If you get a chance could you check out my blog and leave some feedback?