Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Acrylic Supplies

At the top I have my practice finger and then
next to it I have my Acrylic powders.
I have the Competition Line in Clear
& Opaque White.
I also have Clarite powders which is
the odorless line
in Sheer Pink & Spa White.

Then I have a roll of 500 Nail Forms used for
Sculpture. This means you don't have to
glue on a tip , you just spread the
acrylic powder/liquid ball
over the nail form and there is your nail.
All the small little containers are glitters &
I have a couple of neon Acrylics.

Bondex2 is the next thing - which is my primer.
You put this on after removing all the shine
from your nail with a file.

Next to that I have the corresponding Acrylic liquids for
the powders previously mentioned.
The Competition liquid has a strong smellllll.
So, I like to use the Clarite.

After finishing up you need a brush cleaner
otherwise you will ruin your brush.
As you can see I have the OPI
one. We only have OPI Acrylic Products here !
Sigh... : (

Going to the next row - I have a plastic dappen dish
used for holding your acrylic liquid.
I also have a glass one.

Next to that is my cuticle nipper
& false nail clipper.

After that I have my fake nails.
Im using OPI Structure in Clear.
Right now I have #7's and #3's
They are not assorted sizes in the box.
I prefer clear tips because you
can blend them easier.

Under that I have my files - 180 & 100 grit.

On the end I have my homemade cuticle oil

& Mach 5 Nail Glue by OPI
Of course you do not need all this.
In an older post I listed the basics that you need.
& you do not need OPI Products.
I just thought I'd share what my
collection is like.

Dappen Dish

Sparkly Black, Hot Pink & Orange Acrylic Powders
by Tammy Taylor.

Nail Glitters

Nail Glue & Tips

Artificial Nail Clippers

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