Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brand Watch: Models Own

Models Own is currently having a 
facebook promo where if they reach
10,000 'Likes' then they will
do a 50% Sale . Sounds good to me !
So go onto facebook and 'Like' them !
However, you have to spend more
than  £20 on the site in order
to get the 50 % off which is like $30. 

They will send their 
facebook fans
a voucher for the site.

Models Own is a UK based company with 
makeup stuff... but Im more interested in the 
nail polish.

On their website they have the polish divided
into categories such as Pinks Greys Greens

I love that ! You can even buy the polish
in sets such as the 'French Manicure Set' 
They also have a base & top 
coat which makes your polish shiny
all in one bottle !

The colors are great ! There are at least 
one from every set that I want. The
colors are just so cute & fun !  
I've heard that the formula is quite good 
as well.

So, wait until the sale & go 
buy them up ! Thats what Im going to do...
The cool thing is you can grab 
some extra stuff like lip tint without
having to go to another site to do so.

By the way - the polishes will be £2.50 
 a bottle which is like $3.90 U.S ! !  ^ ^

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