Monday, August 9, 2010

Brand Watch : Deborah Lippmann

So, as I look around the internet these days

I keep seeing mentions of Lady Gaga and her grey nails
on the cover of Vanity Fair.
I had a friend post a link on my facebook with a color 
by Lippmann & everyone just seems to want to try
her colors these days.
They are bold, fun but well...quite pricey.
Definitely a luxury nail polish brand.
The names of her Nail Polishes mostly come
from popular songs from the past or present.
Such as "Its raining men" 
The polishes range from about $16 - $20 
At first I was thinking to myself...
why are they double the price of OPI ?! 
Isnt OPI expensive as it is ? 
I was thinking that there really must be
something great about them if they 
are DOUBLE the cost of OPI.
So, I visited the website and the
difference with Lippmann's polishes is that she
infuses them with ingredients
to help your nails and not just cover them.
Things such as Biotin & Green Tea.
So, thats good news... but if I order any online 
it certainly wont be many, as I already have 
similar colors. But, some of the polishes 
are very unique. I do really want to try the 
grey and some of the sparkly colors. 

Im curious about the brush, the drying time 
& how well it goes on. But, I guess
the only way to find out is to try one.
Well, with Seche Vite any polish 
can be great. But,with this price tag
it better be great even without my Seche : ) 
She even created some color with celebs
such as "No More Drama'' Mary J Blige.
Pretty cool.

She actually has a blogspot (woohoo)
which shows a lot of the colors
swatched. The bottles are very modern
and simple & just scream New York City
to me. These polishes I probably wouldnt 
use for Nail Art. I think I'd put them on
when I feel like a more simplistic, 
mature look...which is rare. Haha !

& You can purchase the colors here :

They also have stuff for your cuticles, fast drying top coat

Check it out  : ) 

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