Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy for Red

Lately I've been becoming obsessed with red polish.
I used to think it was boring and I just...wasnt interested

If you dont feel like doing any nail art geared toward
Christmas...just paint your nails bright red !
No better time to have that classic cherry mani.

Im loving Ali's Big Break from OPI - Its from their Burlesque collection.
Its a fun basic red with gorgeous delicate shimmers inside.

But, of course every brand has a nice red, usually.

One thing to watch out for when wearing red nail polish is staining.
Depending on the brand, red tends to stain sometimes more than other
colors. Because its such an intense inky sort of color with lots of pigment
it can stain your nails if you dont use basecoat. I love to do 2  coats of basecoat.

Because red nail polish is so bright and vibrant, chips will be more
obvious. Make sure you seal up your varnish with a nice top coat
such as Seche Vite to prevent chipping !

If you buy a regular red...try popping some glitter on top and
see what happens : )

Also, ever since I started watching beautycrush on youtube I
became interested in red lipstick. It looked so good with her skin tone
so I thought I'd try it too : )

Here are some tips on long wearing red lipstick

Personally I use NYX Lipliner in 817 Hot Red & various
reddish lipsticks. Of course Mac would last a bit longer than
say Revlon Color Burst but if you try the tip below you
will be able to mattify any lipstick.

So, after I apply my lipstick I use the method Michelle Phan brought
to my attention of pressing a tissue on top of your lips and taking
your kabuki or puff with some powder and blotting over
the tissue. This removes all the excess moisture from your
lipstick giving it more long wear.

Skip to 0:21  if you are only interested in the lippie tips

So, get into red this season  ! Its very fun and fashionable : )


  1. This red is gorgeous...but it DOES look like it would stain. Good thing bubble white exists!