Saturday, December 18, 2010

Katy Perry & Justin Beiber Nail Polish

Random right ?
I know ! Haha
I hadnt even heard of this until just now.
But, yeah the Justin Bieber line 
for Nicole by OPI is currently out in 
select Walmart stores & the Katy Perry
OPI line is coming out on January 1.
Not sure where they will be sold though...

By the way if you are wondering 
about why those bottles at the top 
are different & say "Nicole" the reason
is that they are just kind of a sub-line
of OPI. Its geared towards younger girls 
hence the fun colors. 

My fav I think from the Katy Perry line
is the Black Shatter polish that you 
will see if you watch the video.
I know a few other brands make polishes 
of this nature as well.
Makes any color super edgy. 
Its great for fall/winter. But, to be 
honest her particular line looks
slightly boring - not what I would expect 
from such a unique person. 

Justin Beiber's line looks much 
prettier to me...I prefer these colors 
over K.P's. Anyway, my fav from his
line is probably "One less lonely glitter"

Both of the lines are rather glittery 
and funky. Pretty much geared
towards the girly or younger people
out there. Dont have to be young to
love/wear the colors though ! 
Glitter is super popular right now...
as you can see with the Burlesque
collection and other winter polish

Im sure if you cant find them near 
you they will be on Ebay or somewhere 
on the internet soon. 

If you are interested in having a look 
here are the polishes  :

What do you think ?