Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shanghai Dreams

So, Im thinking about going to Shanghai in April 2011.
Im researching different airlines at the moment.
I am completely a 1 connecting flight only sort of gal.
So at the moment Air Canada is looking good.
Bermuda - Toronto - Shanghai.
Not bad..Similar to my Bermuda - New York - Korea flight.
Its just a tad bit longer and I have to overnight it in Toronto
which sort of sucks but maybe its a good thing...
At least I can have some down time & work out in the hotel gym,
preparing for the long flight the next day.
Hmm...still thinking.
China Eastern Airlines is the cheapest option but I heard
the service and everything sucks.
Some people have said its very old fashioned planes - meaning
no individual tvs etc.
Thats a bigggg deal breaker for me.
My TV going to Korea saved me !


I always check this website to find reviews of the
airline service etc. which ultimately will help me make up
my mind.

If I go I'll be sure to vlog...

There really is nothing stopping me but I feel slightly
apprehensive for some reason.

Have you guys ever been to China / Shanghai or lived there ?
Let me know if you have any tips or hot spots to visit !
Thanks : )

Videos like that help me to see what to expect : )

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