Sunday, March 6, 2011

Illamasqua Nail Polish

I just love this color ! 
Its called Purity by Illamasqua.
Its from the Toxic Nature Collection.
It has not yet been released but
its a must have shade for spring !
Its a lovely pastel peachy/orange.
Of course you dont have to get this brand
but I realllly want it when it 
comes out !  Unfortunately its not 
sold here : (  Lighter colors like
this might not work on super
pale skin tones so you can just
hold your hand up next to the 
polish to see if it would suit you
or not. I think it would 
go great with warm skintones.
Im obsessed with colors
like this these days !


  1. yeah I seen these polish at Sephora and they were so... expensive! I love nail polishes and have over 200 bottles, most I would ever pay is $9.00! Even that is too

  2. True much are they ?

  3. i believe around $14-$20? I seen a for digit price tag and didn't bother to look at the exact numbers! lol

  4. oh lord HAHA
    that is expensive >.<

  5. That polish is so worth the money. Applies like a dream and lasts forever! I've only used the creme polishes with Illamasqua but they are wonderful.

  6. thanks for letting me know : )
    ill pick some up one day