Thursday, March 31, 2011

Korean Foods I crave...

So, my list used to be quite extensive.
My all time fav was Tang su Yook which is deep fried
pork with veggies in a sweet sauce.
However, I no longer eat meat. I do still eat seafood though.
If you are a pescatarian like me or just dont like to eat
much meat I just thought I'd share a few
Korean foods that I love to eat.
I cant wait to have these things in Seoul !
I really dont know how to accurately explain
the tastes if you havent tried korean food before.
If you haven't I strongly recommend you check out
a place near you or..the next time you go to an area 
that has one !


If you are a meat lover try bulgogi, pork bone soup, 
or tangsuyook for your first time : ) 
These are tasty things that arent too unusual.

1. Dwenjjang Chigae

Heart Warming, flavourful soup.
Very filling and yummy.
It might take some getting used to as it 
is made with a slightly pungent fermented
soy bean paste but I love it.

2.  Tuna Kimbap

Kimbap is basically korean sushi. Except the fillings are 
quite different. Many times they are filled with meats that 
can be sitting out in the sun for a while.
 Compared to how in Japan sushi is often made with
 raw fish & must be kept chilled.
The reason is that many older women sell these all day
 on the sidewalk. They sometimes have ham inside.
 I prefer tuna.
I like to dip these in ddukbokki sauce ! 

3. Ddukbokki

Ddukbokki is basically thick rice cakes.
Its simmered in spicy red pepper sauce
with fish cake and eggs. 
The texture might take some getting used to
but its truly a staple street food. 
Its so fun to eat this in tent restaurants.

4. Grilled Mackrel

I love korean style grilled mackerel. Its so perfectly
crispy and tasty. I like to dip mine in some 
red pepper paste and eat it with white rice.

5. Hoddeuk

Omggg - I love this so much.
Its a dessert that you find on the streets in Korea.
Its filled with brown sugar and crushed up nuts.
The outside is a crispy dense yummy pastry.
Its so freaking delicous.
Good news - you can buy a packaged mix online.

You can actually make all of these things at home
by ordering some ingredients on the internet
and by following aeriskitchen or maangchi on

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