Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lip Items that Im loving

This is the EOS Lipbalm in summer fruit. I LOVE IT
If you havent tried EOS Lipbalms - get someee.
Gosh my lips were so dry before getting these...
and instantly 1 day after they were super smooth.
This one as well as the Honeydew one smell
soooooooo good.
I love the unique shape as well.
Love love love. Im addicted
to applying this. 

This is a Matte lipstick by Revolon in the color
"Stormy Pink" 
Its a lovely muted fuschia/pink.
It doesnt go on too bright or too sheer.
It gives a slight pop of color that
can match many skin tones I feel.
Its a great alternative to the 
ever so popular nudes/baby pinks.
Its matte but it isnt too drying.
Its quite smooth as well.

Here we have the Follow me Tint by
 Etude House
Its super glossy when you first apply it.
Once the gloss wears off the tint remains.
If you havent seen this before - it looks
blue in the tube but goes on pinkish.
At first I thought it was just another 
pink gloss & although gorgeous on the
 lips - I didnt expect it to last.
But I was wrong. It lasts for hours !
I even got a shower once and it was
still there after I got out ! 

Here I am with the follow me tint on


  1. i've always wanted to try that cute egg looking chap stick. i might go get one now.

  2. omg i love the EOS Lipbalm i have it in yellow its the best!!! soooo cute too...