Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tips for Long Flights

1. Dont sleep the night before so you
can sleep like a baby on the plane.

2. Bring sleeping pills just in case & if you
dont do #1

3. If you are absolutely terrified of flying
you can get pills from the Dr. to help
calm your nerves. I think its basically anti-depressants.
I haven't tried this though I am scared of flying.

4. Drink water - no sugary drinks or alcohol as you
will get super dehydrated with the altitude.

5. Wear loose clothes as you tend to bloat
and swell on a plane a bit.

6. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off
as you will have to get up and go to the bathroom
or stretch every now and then. Plus your feet will
swell a bit.

7. If you are short like me bring something to prop
your feet up on. Plane seats are made for men or women
with long legs so your back and bum can feel strained
if you are short.

8. Even if its a hot day - chances are that up in the air
it will be super chilly. Sometimes airplanes run out
of blankets...and they are becoming especially stingy these
days. So, bring something to bundle up in.

9. Dont wear makeup ! Bring sheet masks or something
to refresh your face. You can carry tiny things of foundation etc
in your carry on to put on before you land. Noone expects you to
look like a model 1 billion miles off of land.

10. Bring entertainment. Some planes also have ipod chargers
so check online seat review websites like etc.

11. Using websites like the previously mentioned one -
you can figure out which seats are the best and which
are the worst esp if you are in Coach. You dont want to be
in front of the kitchen as you cant recline back. 15 hours
& 100 % upright. Not fun - Trust me !

12. Study/Read - Use this time to study the language of the
place you are going to or read a travel guide of the
country. This will get you excited and make you feel
that the long plane ride is worth it because you have so much
waiting for you. Or just read normal books for fun : )

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