Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lita Lustttt

I really want a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas
'Clothesencounters' on youtube made me obsessed
Ughh they make every outfit look great.
They have that high fashion quality to them
but they also make outfits seem more edgy.
I feel like shirleybeniang or beautycrush
would own them.
Do you guys have any J. Campbell shoes ?
I like that they arent ridiculously
priced... like over 300 or something.
They are pricey for shoes but
not completely outrageous.
Hm...maybe someday : )


  1. I have a ton of JC shoes. Whenever I splurge on somethings, it's a pair of JC shoes, haha. And the LItas are REALLY comfortable. The next pair I want are the silver leather with black laces.

  2. awesome ! would you say they are true to size ? i would be ordering mine off the internet

  3. I love the Litas too! I'm going to buy them when I reach my goal weight, which will probably be around next spring. I'm excited, its good motivation!