Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions - Jet Black

So I finally got a pair of the famous Foxy Locks Hair Extensions.
I got them in Jet Black - Deluxe 20 inch set. 
I dye my hair jet black every few months.
I will do a proper video review after I get my hair done
in a week & a half.
Im getting it done right before I go to China.

Anyway, they came folded in half in a pink envelope.
Brushing them out removes the crease from
the way they were folded easily.
I took them out and immediately loved the way
they looked. They were extremely long and looked
luscious and thick.  They are very silky and smooth.
They aren't overly shiny looking which helps them
to blend into many hair types. Though if
your hair is very coarse it may not match well. 

The clips are very strong as everyone mentions.
I have another pair of clip in hair and the clips
are more loose. That set is not human hair though.
This is 100 % human hair and its really great quality.
They curl well and straighten right out if you
get tired of the curl. I have no complaints.
The only thing is that they are ridiculously long
and are all one length. 
They definitely need to be cut and layered
before I will wear them in public.
I think they look too false as they go below 
my boobs. 
I wish they came in different lengths but
you can always cut them.

They are £74.00 which is about $120

Pricey I know - but thats how much
good quality human hair  
usually costs. 


  1. OMG I LOVED my foxy locks extensions when I got them! But unfortunately, they did not last too long for me. They started getting SOOOOOOO knotty after wearing them for only like 5 minutes. My suggestion would be NOT to wash them unless you absolutely have to. The less you wash them- the longer they last. I got my new pair of extensions from LuxyHair- only washed them a few times, but they lasted for almost a year now. =)

  2. Oh my lord are you serious HAHA
    Thanks for the tip

  3. You are beautiful :D

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